Sunday, January 23, 2022


 Another cold weekend but at least it's been sunny and clear.  I went to the farm yesterday, 2nd Man stayed in town because there is a big work project due Monday.  But he did manage to whip up one of our favorite meals...a hearty potato soup.

Potato soup with ham, bacon and cheese

Here is the recipe he used from the time we posted it:  

It's super addition to potatoes of course, it has a couple of carrots and two stalks of celery, some diced up ham, seasonings, broth, milk and's just so comforting and hearty.  We top it off with some shredded cheddar, bacon bits (you cook the bacon to save the fat for sautéing the veggies), and some dried chives that we had saved from our garden.

On a cold Winter day, it was heaven in a bowl...

Hobart Sunday

And of course we know you like to see him, so here's Hobart, posing for all of you.

On his afghan.

From the dining room chair.

That we push over to the window so he can watch outside and have some sunshine coming in.  


Hope you are having some good food and warm weather this weekend.


  1. Nothing beats a good, hearty bowl of soup and creamy potato is a plus! I'm working on chili I made the other day! It's been cold up here in CO, too.
    Hobart's afghan is quite nice! A cat spoiled? LOL Never!

    1. Right? Yep creamy and hearty, so good. Chili is awesome too!! The afghan we found at a thrift store about 10 years ago. We got it because the colors matched what we had in the house at the time. He promptly took it over and would sleep on it wherever it was. So we figured what the heck, he loves it and so it's "his", ha.

      Stay warm!!

  2. Delicious soup to warm the soul. Right now, I think I could dive right into that great looking soup.
    It's been quite sometime since I made potato soup.
    I make mine pretty much like 2nd Man does but at times I will add some finely cut up broccoli (frozen, thawed and well drained) if I don't happen to have ham on hand; Creamy, potato, broccoli, & julienne carrots soup.
    Ho9bart thinks what's yours is his as well and looks like he's making good use of that afghan

  3. I agree that soup on a cold day is about the best meal!

  4. Hobart isn't one bit spoiled. He told me so himself. I like the idea of heaven in a bowl. I read through the recipe and I think it will be on the menu here before long.


  5. On Saturday, I made a hearty beef vegetable soup! I cannot wait to get bowl for dinner. I need Hobart's throw over my feet in my new recliner because my feet are cold. Will he share?

  6. 2nd Man’s potato soup – perfecto! Mmmm! What a bowl of deliciousness on a cold day.
    Hobart looks so cozy on his soft afghan in the sun.

  7. So glad to have found you I will try this soup I have all the ingredients and we need something warm this time of year


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