Friday, January 21, 2022


OK, so on day recently, we were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and this car drove by in the HOV lane.  I noticed it and took a picture (FYI, we were stopped and I was in the passenger seat).

It was five large containers of gasoline.  Now in all fairness, we're not sure if they had gasoline in them.  They could have held water or something else, but we  noticed that they had "flammable" and "caution" stickers on them.  In the light and shadows, you could see liquid sloshing around in them so they were full.

If they did indeed have gasoline in them, we can't imagine what might have happened if someone rear ended them in traffic.  But of course not any other way to transport that much either?  Certainly you wouldn't put them inside your car.  

Smart idea or risky idea?


  1. Not a goo0d. smart thing to do. Let's just say, if he were to get rear ended it wouldn't had been a good day for anyone who may have been around him. Where were the police? He should had been stopped and gotten a ticket besides.

  2. It looks like the containers are all tied down and in a separate carryall rather then being inside the vehicle! It looks like whatever it is, it is being safely transported!
    Why would they need to be stopped and ticketed? What law was being broken? After all ... it is in Texas!

  3. Would I want to do it? No. Would I do it if all my spare gas tanks ended up empty and I wanted to be sure my backup was refilled? Yes.
    They are being transported as safely as they can be, with precautions of strapping.
    And there is no way of knowing how close/far they were to home and/or the gas station. Or if they decided to run other errands with the containers empty and then fill them as the last errand on the way home.
    Could it have caused problems if there was an accident? Yes. But if you're not aware, it's the fumes that are most flammable. So unless at a stop for an extended period of time, not an immediate flash boom. And given the color, bright red and yellow, if someone rear-ended them the gas is likely to be the least of the worries.

  4. What would I do? Send Tommy to do this chore! JK

    This is a hard one. It is dangerous, but I would be terrified to carry that much gas in or on my car. In the car, I would have windows down. But, I can see nothing illegal. Is there a law about how much gas can be carried in a car?

  5. Driving on Houston freeways, especially with high speeds, sudden stops, and concrete barriers leaving very little room for error, is gnarly enough. I would have found the closest neighborhood gas station, trying to avoid any travel on the crowded freeways.

  6. I'd say the best solution for transporting larger quantities of gasoline is to put the containers in a trailer.

  7. HOLY Moly. What's the expression- you can't fix stupid.
    Happy Weekend! laura in Colorado

  8. Actually that's four jerry cans of gas and one of diesel. 😏


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