Wednesday, January 12, 2022


 Here's a trick 2nd Man uses to get the perfect circular pie dough.  It's a variation on the tip of using a plate and a knife to cut around it to make a perfect circle.  Then for small circles, many people use drinking glasses to actually use the lip of the glass to cut the dough.  We were looking for something similar but really large.

Then we discovered this in our cabinet.  It's the lid to a wok we have.  We tried all sorts of pots and pan lids but needed the right size that would give him the right size dough disk to fit the pie dish.

This is a lid that has a 14" diameter and the inside lip that actually cuts through the dough is 13 1/2".

He just rolls out his dough to the thickness he needs and then pushes the lid down onto the dough.  Because it has a metal lip/edge, it almost acts like a blade and just cuts right through.  He uses the handle/knob to rotate it a bit and then when he pulls it up...

A perfect circle of dough...

...that fits the pan perfectly!

If you don't have a pan lid that will work, you could measure out what size circle you need and then find a replacement lid somewhere like eBay or Amazon or an store like Walmart or Target.  They even sell lids only.  Just thought we'd share a tip we use.


  1. Great idea. I have used different sizes of pizza pans for making round circles
    All a person has to do is look around the house and find those Uncommon items for Common Household uses.

  2. That was a good idea. Thrift stores I have visited had bins of odd lids. I have bought many a lid there to solve the no lid for a pot or pan problem.

  3. King Arthur Flour as a mat that has pie sizes on it. I don't roll directly on the mat but can see it through the wax paper I use.

  4. What a clever idea - measure, get a perfect circle, and cut all in one step! 5 stars for 2nd Man! ⭐️

  5. Great idea,and using something you already have is a added bonus! I use a silicon mat with circle markings for size. Inherited from Mum, it rolls up which is very useful in my wee home. Take care and stay safe, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand

  6. Thanks for the tips on cutting dough!


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