Tuesday, June 14, 2022


So here is the part two of putting up the peaches we got from a coworker.  Click HERE to see the post.

Ripe peaches
We wish you could smell these, there is nothing like the scent of ripe peaches.  The bag trick worked great, they were soft and ripe and when I sliced them and gave them a quick twist, they just came apart.

Peach halves with pit
I cut them all into sections.  We left the skin on because we are OK with skin on peaches.  Some people will blanch them and peel but we are fine with it on, in a cobbler or pie or smoothie, they will just cook/blend in.

Peach slices on tray
I put the slices on a sheet pan lined with parchment to keep them from sticking to the pan and then...

Peach slices in the freezer
...I popped them into the freezer overnight.  This freezes them individually.

Frozen peach slices
Here they are 24 hours later, each slice is frozen solid.  I picked up the parchment and they all fell off.  I poured them all into a freezer bag...

Vacuum sealed frozen peaches
...and vacuum sealed them.  Being individually frozen like this means when they pull together in the bag from the vacuum sealing process, they won't smash together and end up as peach pulp.  When we use them in a recipe, they'll still be nice, intact peach slices.

We ended up with about 4 cups in total (they were smallish peaches) but that should be just enough for a nice peach cobbler in the middle of Winter when we are craving the taste of Summer! If they still have some the next time she goes out, she will bring us some more.

We can't wait to have our own peaches someday but for now, this is good practice.  Now, we just need to work on a good cobbler recipe, ha. 


  1. Oh, a cobbler sounds good right about now. Your photos are making my mouth water.
    Hubby doesn't like peaches so I quit making peach cobbler or peach pie.
    Enjoy your day, stay cool.

    1. It's so good and honestly we haven't had one in a few years. My mom used to make a pear cobbler that I loved. You too!!!

  2. When I was a child, Mama froze peaches without the peel and with a bit of sugar in them. They were so delicious when they had half-thawed, sweet and juicy, better than ice cream. I would rather eat them still half-frozen than in a pie or cobbler. Of course, I loved the desserts she made with all the fruits she froze.

    Before we got a freezer, she and I canned peaches for several days, filling dozens of jars with peaches. Canned/frozen peaches and canned tomatoes and canned green beans are what I remember, even though she canned and froze other foods.

    1. My grandmother use to can them, they knew where some wild trees were and she and my grandfather would gather them and she would put up jars of them. Such nice memories. Glad you have those too.

  3. Those peaches look sooo delicious! And nothing smells as wonderful as ripe peaches.
    "A taste of summer" – a perfect description of peaches!
    A good peach cobbler recipe is the one that Paula Deen makes for her Lady & Sons Restaurant.

    1. For some reason we've always thought of peaches as "the summer fruit". Sure I guess most fruits are, watermelon for sure, but peaches just seem like a great summer tasting fruit. I will look up that recipe.


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