Monday, June 6, 2022


2nd Man had to work so it was a solo trip for me.  It was hot later in the day but it started off unusually cool.  73 degrees when I got to the farm.  It was overcast and looked like rain but it never did.  I decided to mow before it got really warm.

After I mowed it was clearing and of course warming.  Love this picture, it's the view from the porch and it almost looks like a postcard, ha. 

It was a bit quicker than normal. Funny story, a couple of weeks back when I mowed, I forgot to turn off my app when I took "Bill the truck" on his weekly run.  I REALLY got the speed up on the mower that time, ha.

Here's some good news: 

This is the fig tree we planted a few weeks ago, it already has a fig on it.  We will let it grow and sample it when it's ready to eat (need to get netting over it).
It must be happy in its spot!

I worked in the orchard and pruned some trees and bushes and one other thing, then it was time to head back into town about 4pm because it was getting hot.

The "cactus" is back in our forecast, LOL!  Look at next weekend:  101 degrees!  We could end up having a "feels like" of 110 or more.  We shall see...

Let's see, what was the other thing I did?

More on that in the next post!


  1. Looks like you have a couple of them cute little figs growing. ( looks like another fig is right below, to the left a bit from the top fig.)
    Your 'park' area looks really nice.
    We need to get our yard mowed. We received 4.60 of heavy rain in just over a hour the other day. Did have water standing in the yard but didn't take long for it all to soak in.
    We ( I mean hubby ) did manage to get a raised bed made for me to plant my Rose of Sharon plants, but no planting today. Getting too hot to do it now; maybe early in the morning. (at least not having them cold, freezing temperatures that we had back in Feb.
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your evening.

    1. Oh wow, we didn't even see that! I think you're right, that was another hiding. Cool. now I don't have to cut one in half to share, ha. Gosh you all had a lot of rain. That's good for the ground and the plants but bad when we need to mow. Stay safe and hydrated!

  2. That is such a beautiful pastoral view from your porch - truly fit for a postcard!
    Your fig tree looks so healthy - I see some delicious fig jam in your future.
    90’s - 100’s – Texas summer is here. Break out the iced tea!

    1. Thank you. Yes we are excited (well maybe more me since 2nd Man is not a "HUGE" fig fan but yep it will be good. I'll convert him ha. Love some iced tea on a hot day.

  3. Entering the “why did i move back” period……..Deb

    1. LOL we understand. Several months of that.

  4. A friend gave me a gallon of figs. I drove back from her house in the country and ate figs the whole way. There is no telling how many bugs and bird poop bits I ate. By the time I got home, I had the worst stomach ache I have had in a long time. I had eaten at least a quart of figs. I love figs.

    1. I've been known to pluck some off a tree/bush and just eat it. Sometimes I blow on it, does that count as cleaning? LOL. I love figs. 2nd Man not a hug fan but I'll convert him, I'm certain, ha.


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