Sunday, June 5, 2022


It's been a good weekend.  Hot, but moments of cool.  That helped with mowing.  Several projects done (more in upcoming posts).  As we like to do on Sunday, here is some good food that we had and some Hobart!

We had some pork chops the other night that were seasoned with Garam Masala spices and they were SO delicious.  On the side we had some asparagus with lemon and tomato.  It was a good meal for sure.

Hobart is sleeping on a pillow by the window.
Sleeping kitty, do not disturb, ha!



  1. He lives a good life--blankets, pillows, and two servants.

  2. Delicious meal! Sweet sleeping Hobart!

  3. Delicious looking meal. 2nd Man; your food Always looks so appealing. That chop sure does look mouth watering, nice and juicy.
    Now; who is more spoiled; you 1st man or Hobart? :-}
    I prepared bacon wrapped asparagus but had store bought rotisserie chicken to go with, along with some tater tots; quick and easy.

    Tomorrow will be our 53rd anniversary; so won't be doing much of anything except for planting a couple of Rose of Sharon / Althea plants. They are such beautiful plants; related to the Hibiscus family
    Enjoy your day and have a safe and wonderful week.

    1. Happy Anniversary, Colleen! 53 years – that’s wonderful!


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