Saturday, June 11, 2022


Off to the farm today, going by myself.  I'm hoping I don't have to mow and with no measurable rain in well over a week, that's probably going to be true.

The reason we're not doing much is this:

Our entire area is under a HEAT ADVISORY.  Last night at the farm, the weather app showed it to be 99 almost 7:00pm!

Before I get to the farm, I will stop and visit a former coworker who is moving out of state.  After that, I'll be getting to the farm about 11am and hoping I can get the important stuff done before the worst part of the day.  The only priority is to water the fruit trees/bushes.

I'll water them heavier than normal as there is no rain in our forecast for the next 7 days.  Just days and days of 99+ degree temperatures.

Oh and I'll also check the garlic of course that is drying in the barn.  With this heat and dry weather, they should be doing well with that process. 


  1. S. CO ... we are looking at 99° for today and 90s and 80s for the next few days ... no rain for us, either!

  2. we are also in to the 90's for most of this week and i am not happy!

  3. As of right now we are at 101.
    Try and stay cool and drink lots of water
    I done some early planting this morning just as it was getting daylight and was done by 8 am.
    Went into town to run a few errands only to find out that the AC went out in the truck. :-(
    Have a relaxing, cool evening

  4. Starting Monday we're predicted to get the heat wave you're having and that is no bueno. Stay cool!!

  5. Upper 90s here next week. We will probably just mush to death with the humidity! Do you have lots of mulch to put around the trees?

  6. Hot!? Here in the NW we haven't had spring yet!

  7. A heat advisory, a severe drought, and an approaching Saharan dust cloud – a triple whammy.
    One of the Houston TV meteorologists said that this is more like July weather than June.


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