Monday, June 20, 2022


Look!  We have blueberries!

Both bushes (the tifblue varieties) have berries on them.  This bush has a few...

...and this one has even more.

So we realized it was us or the birds this season...

We bought some bird netting...

...and I used the stakes with tennis balls on top that we made for the freeze cloth.  I took the netting (side note, what a pain that stuff is to unroll, ha) and wrapped them around the poles and secured with clips.

Now we wait...


  1. You got a nice running start on your berries. Won't be long before your berry bushes will be loaded with nice, sweet berries.
    In the future; you planning on planting some grape bushes?
    Have a wonderful day.
    Stay Cool and stay safe.

    1. Thanks, we just have to keep the well watered, which we're doing. Lots of water makes happy fruit!

    2. I forgot to mention the grapes. Yes, we have the two muscadine grapevines we got last year on "clearance' and they are doing well on the porch. Need to come up with a planting plan for them. Too hot now but the wall will work. Just need to see what type of planting we'll do. We'd like to keep it in the same area as the fruit trees, just need to figure out a way for them to spread and climb without building a giant structure ha.

  2. Those look beautiful! Fresh blueberries from your own bushes - can't beat that!

    1. yes, so exciting. It's not a crazy huge amount, but we know that day is coming. These have only been their beds for a year. So far so good!


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