Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Believe it or not, I did mow a little bit this past weekend.  There was just enough green in some places that we figured if we get the rain they say we might, it would keep it all the same level and give me a good starting point for the first mow after the rain, ha.

The whole yard is mostly a beige color, but it was still a good mow.  There was a bit of a breeze early in the day and so it was actually not too bad but of course, that didn't last long, it got hot.

I didn't mow everything of course, just where it needed.  It was only 30 minutes but that took care of the front and back yard spots and the driveway.    

No, these aren't the beginnings of crop circles and it's not me with a libation other than iced tea, ha.  It's just the mower leaving tracks on the dry grass while I'm riding around trying to hit the green spots.

At almost 6pm at the farm, it was still 101 and had a feels like of 109.

There is a tropical disturbance brewing the Gulf and while it won't become a big wind making storm and no flooding (shouldn't anyway), they say we might have some much needed rain.  We are on weather watch and hoping for some good rains.  The ground is too dry and we definitely need the rain for the grass, the trees, and of course, the aquifer deep below our feet.


  1. your yard is way dryer than what ours is. Our yard is still green here even after mowing on Sunday. The only thing that we water is our raised beds using soaker hoses of course.
    According to our weather channel, you just might be blessed with a nice shower of rain and don't you know just a bit of rain will green up your 'park' once again.
    Take care and stay cool.
    Enjoy your evening

  2. When I watched the new, the weather map indicated rain for your area. I thought of you. That is really dry!

  3. Wow, your lawn is toasty brown. Rain is needed so much in the area. My grass, flowers, and fruit trees are looking pretty sad. Hoping that the tropical disturbance brings everyone several inches.

  4. We have rain in the forecast quite often but seldom get any of it. One of these days the heavens will break open and Lake Junebug will have water.


  5. I would never target the green spot!


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