Monday, March 6, 2023


Not too long ago, 2nd Man made a huge pot of chicken soup and vegetables.  He used two whole chickens and lots of vegetables.  We love chicken soup because we can be so flexible as to what we put in it.

Chicken soup cooking

This big batch was made up of chicken and onions, carrots, celery, zucchini, yellow squash and this time, we added some corn (2 cobs cut into fourths) and some kale because we had it on hand.

Chicken soup

On the first night, we eat it as good old chicken soup and eat up all the corn that we put in it.  Then we keep the leftovers and each night, we only take out enough for what we are serving each of us.

Matzo ball soup

On the second night, he made matzo balls (his first ever attempt and they were good) and served them by filling bowls with more broth and fewer vegetables.

Chicken noodle soup

On the third night, we cooked a pot of egg noodles and then added them to our dished up portions and had a wonderful chicken noodle soup...

Cream of chicken soup

And finally on the last night with the last of the leftovers, he added cream and some seasonings (a little turmeric gives it this wonderful color and warmth) and had 'cream of chicken' kind of soup, finishing it all off.

Each night is just different enough that we don't get tired of it.  It's not really like having the same thing every night and getting tired of it.  It's a great way to make a big meal on a weekend and change it up for a few more meals.  In the end, it's also pretty inexpensive for all the great meals we get.

Anyone else do anything like this multiple different leftovers from one big dish?


  1. Oh, you bet that I make multiple meals just by adding different ingredients; especially when I make chili.
    Waste not, want not.
    Growing up on a farm, my mother would do the same. Nothing was wasted by using leftovers in making another 'new' dish / meal.

  2. I make a chicken and white bean soup with a lot of cumin, turmeric, garlic, ginger and cilantro. A bowl of it soothes your soul.

  3. Those are some really good ideas for meals using a base dish. I also sometimes change up a dish for subsequent meals by adding noodles, rice, or some different vegetables or serving it in a tortilla or lettuce wrap, or even just with crackers.

  4. You both or so innovative with food preps. These all look very good.


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