Friday, March 17, 2023


These are some of our books at the farm...

The two bookcases on the left side are all cookbooks.  The one bookcase on the right holds gardening, chickens, beekeeping, and farm related books (and some canning books).  In other words, two for 2nd Man and one for 1st Man, ha.  We love to read and collect books on all sorts of topics that interest us.

Sure, all of this info is probably somewhere on the internet, but there is still something endearing and ultimately satisfying about holding a book in your hands and leafing through its pages. 

Other books we read, fiction and non fiction novels, biographies, sci-fi or thrillers, those are in two smaller bookcases in another room.  

We can fall into the pillows on the couch or a comfy chair and just look through a book for hours at a time.  When we have the house redone, we hope to get a dedicated room as a library of sorts (sounds fancy but really just a study with floor to ceiling bookcases, ha).  Put in a couple of comfy chairs by a big window and it would be absolutely perfect.

2nd Man would also like a spot in the kitchen with some shelving for his favorite (and most often used) cookbooks.  I think that's fair, ha.

Anyone else just love a good, old fashioned, "real" book?


  1. Nice collection of books you both have.

    I bought my very first cookbook when I was about 12 years old; Called the Betty Crocker's cookbook for Boys and Girls and later on I bought the Alpha Bakery Children's Cookbook. Took home economics in school and found the love of cooking and ever since, my collection of cookbooks has blossomed to a rather large collection. Of course, I also have my favorite cookbooks as well that I use A lot. Now I look for old cookbooks that are put out by church groups. They have some of the best recipes.
    Hubby himself has a large collection of paperback and hardback books that he has read over the years.

    It's 43 deg. at the moment but that wind is something else; making it feel colder than what it actually is.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I will always remain a book lover. The computer, kindle, etc. do not work for me. I want to hold a book. I have a large collection also. I keep telling myself no more new cookbooks but I can't do it. lol

  3. i have so many cookbooks and gardening books that it is a bit embarrassing. i love books!

  4. We love books, too, and have lots of books of all kinds, especially cookbooks.
    Need a gift of an aging cook? Years ago, my dear MIL told us her 'Joy of Cooking' was falling apart so I set out to get her a new one. Suddenly I had a better idea! On Ebay, I found a like new copy of the 1953 coly she knew so well. She was elated and took a picture of the two books side by side. And she cooked happily ever after!

    1. That's a great story. I'm sure she was happy to receive a copy of the one she knew so well instead of a new edition.

  5. Definitely a reader of books that I can hold in my hand and feel the pages. Your library/study idea sounds wonderful. How's the search going for just the right construction of your new place?

  6. Love all of the milk glass items in your bookshelves, as well! I had to get rid of a bunch of cookbooks and recipe card files when I moved into a smaller place with a little kitchen!

  7. I love books, too! I thought I had a lot of cookbooks but 2nd Man has got me beat. Like Colleen, I like to find cookbooks sold by local groups – since their names are attached, people contribute very good recipes to these.
    And I also have lots of gardening books.
    A library room in your new house sounds idyllic.
    I like the way you have your milk-ware showcased on the shelves.

  8. Who was it that said that books are proof that humanity can do magic?

    1. A sign in our kitchen says "Cooking is Alchemy!"

  9. I love books but I have so many, especially cookbooks, that I have to use the library for most these days. If I really like a cookbook from the library test run I buy it. Our family room has a wall of book shelves with cabinets underneath. It’s one of the things that sold me on this house.

  10. I think I have a few more cookbooks than 2nd Man has. And then there's all the recipes clipped from magazines & newspapers, and the ones saved from blogs and such on the computer. The sad thing is unless it's something I've made before and know where the recipe is, it's easier to look up a recipe on line. I started making an index of favorites and which book/page they are, but that effort slacked off at some point. Even sadder is that I don't actually cook as much now as before I retired.
    You have me beat for garden related books though.

    I much prefer paper books, especially cookbooks. It's so much easier to write notes in them, from changes made to whether it's worth making again. It's also easier on my eyes.

  11. Do I love books? As a grad student I took three 600 level literature courses. People, even professors, asked me how I kept up with the reading. I had a two hour drive to school and two hours back, and I slept. The rest of the time was spent in holding a book and reading. I love books of all kinds.
    A ceiling to floor bookcase was my goal. But, with age and mobility problems, that dream seems foolish. An 8 foot bookcase seems more prudent at this point.
    It is 50F, 40% humidity, and the air coming in the front door when Tommy went for the mail seems frigid! But, it is sunny, so that is a plus.

  12. Books ... well there is a lot to be said ... I had been a huge book collector for years ... and then came the brain bleed & craniotomy ... and the downsizing move ... I can't concentrate much to read any more... especially the finer the print gets... but we did keep one bookcase and two shelves of cookbooks and one shelf of various other kinds of books. Really at this stage its sad to see so few books in our house ... I've always loved them ... but due to failure of the old body, might as well let some others have the joy I used to get from them.


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