Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Whoops I did it again...

Was doing our weekly grocery shopping at my HEB store when I found it...

...they had fruit trees and I found an apple tree!  They were $21.97 and I had a coupon for $5.00 off my basket if I spent $20 or more.  So $16.97, not a bad deal.  Less than the garden centers for sure.  I paid for my main groceries and loaded them in the car and then went back and got the tree using the coupon.

I dug around and pulled out the nicest one.  It's tall and in great shape and best of all, it's a variety that's best suited for our area.  

Nothing like milk, eggs, cheese, chicken, cat food, laundry detergent and AN APPLE TREE!

It is a Dorsett Golden apple.  The variety is adapted for our climate in all ways: Thrives in high temps (that's us), can take temps down to below zero (no worry of that here), has low chill hours requirement (us), needs another apple tree nearby (we have an Anna apple thriving in the bed next to it) and it produces fruit in a couple of years (good for us since we'll be slightly behind now considering the other trees).

So here it is, finally at the farm.  It's been watered and will be kept in the pot until planting.

I went by yesterday and they had a lot of blueberry bushes they had gotten in over the weekend.  While we don't need those, I'm going to keep an eye on them and if they happen to go on deep clearance at some point, I'll pick some up and scatter them around the property.  Might be nice to see if we can just let them grow undisturbed, much like our wild pear tree and have some random "wild" blueberries.


  1. Great find and you needed it. Hey, wherever you can find a deal!

  2. What serendipity! Just what you needed – and at a discount!
    Good idea about the blueberries.

  3. What a deal. You R becoming a pro when it comes to finding them great deals.
    HEB finally broke ground here in Mansfield just a couple weeks ago and expect to open in Spring of next year.......finally.
    They have had the land now for about 4-5 years or more.
    I was beginning to wonder if and when they where going to start moving forward, as it's been along time long time waiting. Will give Wal-Mart competition.
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend.
    Chance of showers here today


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