Sunday, March 5, 2023


March?!  Sigh.  This year is FLYING by already.

Time for some good food and some Hobart!

Everyone knows chicken and waffles with maple syrup, well, here's one of our favorites, chicken and tortillas with honey!  I make achiote rojo chicken and 2nd Man makes corn tortillas and then we just drizzle a little honey over it all.  It's muy delicioso!

 Hobart is so happy to have sunshine after so many overcast and cold days, so of course we have to push a dining room chair over to the window so he can be on his afghan (he covers his eyes of course).  Because...



  1. Chicken and tortillas ... who would have thunk it? It actually sounds rather tasty drizzled with honey!
    Hobart is just sweet, shading his eyes from the bright sunshine! ❤

  2. Hubby has honey with his chicken; that is if I don't make my own sauce to go with our chicken tenders or nuggets.
    Will be watching the races today even tho my favorite driver is out with a broken leg due to snowboarding. :{ What a bummer.
    Enjoy the races and have a great evening.

  3. Cats are smart to cover their eyes. I do too when I sleep.

  4. I never thought about chicken and tortillas with honey. I love savory and sweet and enjoy chicken and waffles so why not chicken and tortillas ha. Hobart looks so happy and warm in his spot. I sleep like that sometimes too. Janie V

  5. Mmm, homemade tortillas and honey chicken – winner, winner, honey chicken dinner!
    Hobart has the right idea – laying in the sunshine, taking a nice nap.


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