Wednesday, March 22, 2023


We get these periodically to stock up our freezer for future meals.  Recently, we used up the last pork loin roast we had so I've been watching.  These were on sale at the grocery store for $1.25/pound.

It was time to replenish our stash!

Picked this one up, it was almost 10 pounds.  It was $11.85.  You can always cut these into thin cutlets or thicker chops, but we like to cut them into roasts.

The pork loins are always a little wider on one end so I started at that wider end.  I got three nice sized pork loin roasts cut from it.  The other end was a little narrower and a bit scraggly for some reason.

So I took that last section and instead of having a weird looking roast, I cut it into pieces/cubes.  They will be nice for a stir fry or rice and gravy with pork.

Then I used the vacuum sealer to put them up.  Three pork loin roasts, almost 3 lbs each and then a nice package of pork pieces.  Popped it all in the freezer and now we're good for a few months.

This is our favorite way of using them, olive oil, herbs de Provence and roasted in the oven but of course we're going to be branching out with our newest Penzey's seasonings blends.

They are great to have on hand and with this loin costing $11.85 before cutting, we got FOUR future meals out of it.  That's a $2.96 per main course meal!


  1. I do the same when I buy a large pork loin like that. If I had a good meat grinder, I would grind up the small end and make into homemade pork sausage patties but being I don't have a good grinder I buy the pork already ground up, add my desired seasonings and make into breakfast sausage patties.

    With your cut-up pork pieces you make into pork tacos / or carnitas.

    Cloudy here and looks like we could get a shower of rain like we got yesterday.
    Take care and enjoy your evening.

  2. Very smart meal planning! Some really delicious meals coming up, all at a great price.

  3. I love pork loins. I can get them cheaply that are already seasoned. When I roast them and add vegetables, the vegetables don't need to be seasoned. Monday and Tuesday, we had a pork roast, about three pounds.

  4. Your pork pieces; can also use and make into pork nuggets. ( chicken fried pork nuggets). Soak in your favorite marinade and then coat in your favorite breading and deep fry, air fry, etc.


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