Monday, March 20, 2023


Well the weekend started out as a bust.  Cold, rainy, even sleet if you can believe that.  No freeze, just the right conditions for some frozen precipitation to make it all the way to the ground.

The goal was to work on several things.  Didn't figure I'd need to mow since it was so good last weekend but Saturday was a bust.  I woke up Sunday and it was cold but clear so I figured I'd venture out to the farm and see what I could get done.


If nothing else got done, I HAD to clean up the fruit tree area.  With Spring doing its thing, it was starting to get out of control.  First I edged around them all.  Then I pulled all the weeds inside each bed.  Then I used the electric mower to clean up in between narrow areas.  Finally, I got on the new mower and used it to "clean up" all the clippings and debris.


It looks SO much better and it is a great relief that it's done.  There is something about getting a mess cleaned up that makes you feel like you accomplished so much, ha.  The next thing to do is to get the beds mulched for this season.  This year, I'll be using the truck for what it was intended for...a trip to the garden center to load up the bed with all the bags at once instead of a few at a time in the back of the Jeep, ha.

Isn't this a pretty picture?

This is the front yard, still looking nice after last week on the new mower.  I was so glad I went.  It was cold at first but turned out to be a perfect day.  I was dreading pulling all the weeds and working on all of that in the heat, so we ended up with a bonus nice weekend.  This coming weekend is supposed to be nice.  We have plans Saturday so it will be another Sunday trip. 

I'll be mowing and we'll be preparing for some trees/brush to be cleared the following week.


  1. Glad you got to play with your new toy after all!

  2. Very nice clean up job! Glad you got some Zen II time in. Happy First Day of Spring!

  3. Looks so nice; neat and tidy. Got our yard mowed yesterday. Wanted to get it mowed before the thunderstorms move in on Thursday again; 3rd week in a row for them severe storms have come on a Thursday.
    Nice to see the trees leafing out and my roses are beginning to bloom.
    You both take and enjoy the rest of the week


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