Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Americana Porch Review

I think this is such a neat, "all American" look.....all it needs is some Apple Pie and a Baseball game out in the pasture and it would be classic "Americana".

White and blue house with the Stars and Stripes.  So cool! 

This is a more lodge like porch, stones and wood, but the flag still fits.  And I'm am LOVING the red rocking chairs!  Me thinks I see some red rockers in our porch's future.

Love how this flag hangs from the top of the porch and down.  On a small porch it might obstruct the view, but on this porch it looks like there is plenty of "view".

Might be in the way when walking down the porch, but still just seems so appropriate.  And is that a porch swing I spy down at the end?  Race you to it!!

Lace curtains, begonias and an American flag blowing in the breeze. Classic!

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