Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Getting Colder, with Bugs! (JANUARY UPDATE PART 2)

Arrrgh!  TERMITES!!!  Yep, that inspection we had in December showed a few termites.  Nothing that couldn't be treated, but still something we had to deal with, and something that makes you worried a bit when you first hear the dreaded "T" word.  So we had to find a good bug guy and after a little research, we settled on a company and had them come out.  They had to come out in two phases, once to check the extent, and a second time to treat them.

In between the first and second trips, the weather got really cold.  Apparently, bug treatments can't be done in weather that's TOO cold, so once again, we had to wait for it to warm up to be able to get the treatment done.  Stress, stress, and more stress.

So, while we were waiting, we also had to contact a surveyor.  The property we are buying is a large piece of land, originally we were of course just buying the empty land, but when Ma changed her plans, we decided to get the house and a smaller piece of land now, and the rest of the land to complete it later this year.  So in dividing land up, we had to make sure the house didn't end up being land-locked, which is just a fancy word that means there must be access to the main road.  There is in this case, but we just wanted to make sure the County knew that, as well as the Mortgage Company when the time came for them to see the survey.

One thing we discovered during this process is that the wheels of rural county offices move REALLLLY slowly.  Of course, the laid back lifestyle of the country is what we want, so I must learn to not bring "city expectations" to the country.  We felt bad, because the family friend we are buying it from is anxiously waiting for us to close so he can get paid and not have to worry about it any more.  And here we are, 2 months in, still trying to get things moving fast.  More stress.....

Once again, we found ourselves fighting not only the slow wheels of the rural county office, but little did we know, Old Man Winter was making his presence  known and he wasn't leaving anytime soon!

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