Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ray of Sunshine

Well, a little good news after yesterday's setback....there were just some minor 'technical' things to answer about employment history and such, got that done.  The other part was a misunderstanding on the furnace but it looks like we're past that hurdle, and now we just need a form that's called a "shared well agreement", since there is one well for both properties.  Always been that way, in fact, there are homes out there in that area where 4 or 5 people are sharing one well.  From the research I've done, it's very common.  The water all comes from the same place, and in rural areas, when homes are close by, it is not uncommon for one well to be dug and the cost shared by several homeowners/landowners and then they all share the same water source.  In our case, it is only two homes, our soon to be home, and our family at the other end.  Something works fine for 20 years, then all of a sudden they need new paperwork.  That's bureaucracy I suppose.  Anyway, working on that form, found one online (love the internet) and so hopefully once that is faxed, we'll be good to go.   Patience Grasshopper...

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