Saturday, March 26, 2011


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As I was thinking of the Scotch Brite products that I reviewed the last time, it dawned on me that a more all natural dish soap would be a perfect compliment to the Greener Earth product.  So, starting at the sink, I decided to try the Seventh Generation brand of dishwashing liquid.  Let me say, we really like it!

Seventh Generataion Dishwashing Liquid
Once again, I found it at my favorite store and after reading the ingredients on the label, I thought we should give it a try.  The first thing I like is the fact that they have a fragrance free option.  I'm not sure why manufacturers think we all want our hands and dishes to smell like a Spring Meadow or the ever curious "Mountain Stream" (what DOES a mountain stream smell like?  I'm guessing fish, but I digress).  Anyway, I love the fact that it's scent free.  They do have options with scents, and while I didn't choose them, they didn't smell bad at all, very subtle.

One benefit to their product that we really like is the fact that it is safe for septic systems.  Not that we have a septic system in the city, but we will at the farm, and keeping it "healthy" is very important (more on that in a future post).  Not to mention that being on "well water" as our only source for all our water needs, water that's under the very ground you are living on, reminds us that we want to put only safe stuff into the ground, because at some point, we're going to be drinking that water.

This dishwashing liquid is derived from natural plant based materials and contains a water softener made from cornstarch.  We found it cut grease as well, if not better, than our usual suspects, Dawn or Palmolive.  It doesn't foam up as much, but that's because other dishwashing brands add chemicals, many times petroleum based, that cause the foam.  You know why?  Apparently they seem to think that people don't believe something is cleaning if it's not full of suds and bubbles.  Go figure.  Trust me, it's cleaning. As I said, we've seen no difference in the cleaning ability and even get a squeaky clean to the plates and glasses.  I also notice our hands were softer feeling.  Not that they advertise that fact, but I would figure that without soaking your hands in harsh, chemical filled solution, there's got to be an added benefit to your skin.

They also never test on animals (always a plus), it's kosher-certified (for our Jewish friends) and the bottle is even made from 90% post consumer recycled plastic. You can't get much greener than that!

Overall, we really enjoy this product.  It's the first thing we've purchased in their line of products and we're VERY satisfied.  This will be our new "go to" dishwashing soap for both the city and the farm.  As we try other products they make, I will let you know our thoughts.  They also have a dishwasher line, we just might try that next, stick to the sink area and then branch out from there.  If any of you have used their products, no matter which ones, let us know in the comments how you liked them.

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