Saturday, March 19, 2011


Green Farm Living
One thing we want to do on "Unnamed Farms", Seda Bolsa Farm, is to live greener, perhaps just leave a smaller footprint on the planet.  And you know, what better way is there to start that way of living than from scratch?  

We realize that we have THE perfect chance to buy 'green' whenever we get something new for out there.  We are, after all, furnishing a new home.  Of course we'll need to bring some stuff from the city to the country, but for the most part, when we get out there, we'll be buying new stuff to stock up with.  So when we have to buy, for example, paper towels, why not get a recycled brand?  Or bamboo blend bath towels?  As we buy stuff, I will review items that we get and explain why we bought them or chose them.  

So one thing we've been using here in the 'city' for the last few months is the new Scotch Brite lineup of Greener sponges/cleaning pads.  In full disclosure, I have not been given sponges or anything from the Scotch Brite company, I just saw these in my favorite store one day and decided to try them.  

We LOVE them!  They work very well.  From regular daily use, all the way to overnight stuck on messes, they scrub without scratching!  Safe for all types of cookware.  They make Scrubbers, Sponges, and Soap Pads.  Price wise, they are slightly more expensive than the ones we used to buy, but only by a few cents.  A worthwhile investment just to do a little bit more for our environment.

They are made from 100% all natural materials like Agave and Corn.
They are reusable.
Some are even Biodegradable AND Compostable.
The packaging is also made from recycled materials.

Try them some time!  I'm sure you'll like them and you'll be doing a small part to reduce/reuse/recycle!  If anyone has some suggestions for neat items for us to try, be sure and let me know in the comments section.  Who knows, your suggestion might just appear here!

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