Monday, March 14, 2011


The front of our property is sectioned off and family lives there.  They have lived there for a long time now and it's their forever home as well.  Cool thing is, because they live there 24/7, we get to live vicariously through their experience with chickens!  Not to mention share in the bounty of fresh eggs.  Last October, the 21st to be exact, they got a box full of baby chicks in the mail!  It still amazes me that baby chicks are being shipped around all over the country at any given moment, but I digress.  They got the hens they ordered, and then ended up with a few roosters too!  The company apparently puts roosters in the box, for no additional charge, to keep all the hens warm!
Boy chicks give off more body heat than girl chicks!  Who knew?

The chicks were adorable.  We even got the honor of naming a couple of them.  
Here they are at only
a couple weeks old.  Can you say, a-dor-able?!
Now though, they are egg laying machines, she said they are getting almost a dozen a day!  Once we are out there full time, we'll be in egg heaven.  In case you've never had a farm fresh egg, or as we call them, a "REAL EGG", they are nothing compared to what you get in the store.
My stomach just growled, ha.

Hard to believe but these aren't "dyed" eggs, these are the way the come naturally from the chicken!  It just depends on the breed.  The chickens out there now are two different types and will produce both brown and greenish colored eggs.
(and yes, the inside is the same in all colors, hey, it's ok, I wondered too!)
2nd Man LOVES to cook.  In another life, he probably would have been a chef at a restaurant.  So he'll come up will all sorts of great things to cook with lots of eggs.  Anyone have some suggestions out there?  He makes a pretty mean Frittata, which uses a dozen at a time.  And of course there is ALWAYS room for an Angel Food Cake.  And naturally, who doesn't want to wake up in the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs frying in a cast iron skillet, with some great, homemade, buttermilk biscuits........dang, stomach growling again!

Anyway, does anyone have any great ideas for use of extra eggs?

Maybe a great old family tradition or recipe or idea?

We want to be able to make some great stuff and share it with the family that gives us the eggs!


  1. Hello there. Those chickens look strangely familiar. Excellent blog BTW
    Love the picket fence idea. When are you going to post that fritatta recipe? I am up to my ears in eggs!!

  2. Hey Neysa, yeah, they do don't they? And I think a few might not be with us anymore? LOL! (more on that in another post!).

    Thanks for the comments! I'll post that recipe soon!! :-)


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