Saturday, March 19, 2011


Not me on a riding mower, yet anyway, ha

So, now comes the conundrum.  What kind of mower to get?  Spring is here (almost here) and the grass will rapidly be growing out of control.  Coming from city life, we have a yard guy that mows as most urban residents do, for us it's because the garage is so small we have no room for a lawnmower, it's easier to just pay someone. 

Out there at Nameless Farm, we'll need a mower.  The area around the house is pretty good size.  I'll need a tractor for the bigger part of the property but around the house can used a mower.  I realize a self propelled mower could get the job done, with a lot of walking but really, do I want to spend more time walking?  Or use that time I save for gardening and doing other stuff around the house?  Ma had a riding lawnmower, as does our family down the road.  So a riding mower it is!

Now the question is, what are some good makes?  I've always been partial to the John Deere brand, it's what my Grandparents used. I wouldn't mind something that has the ability to have attachments added later on.  Of course, I don't want to spend a fortune either. 

Another issue I'd love to be able to address is electric vs gas.  Unfortunately, any electric riding mowers/tractors they have out are WAAAAY expensive and, sadly, I just don't think the technology is there yet.  Not to say it won't be at some future point.  And, if you check out this one, Ariens, it looks like it might be almost there.  It runs 75 mins on a full charge, depending on terrain, dampness, etc.  It would be nice if we could try one out sometime and see how it works.  Maybe a neighbor will get one sometime and we can borrow it, ha. 

Another option for alternative fuel/power is propane.  Ferris makes this one among others.  Looks awesome and will mow 7.2 acres/hour.  Very nice.  VERY expensive, but very nice.  Anything other than gasoline would be nice if we could afford it.  Ahh, maybe someday....

So back to gasoline, so many brands out there.  We're going to need one sooner, rather than later.  I guess we'll make runs to Lowe's and Home Depot to see what they have to offer.  There are SO many brands, it'll be hard to find one we like.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  

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  1. Riding John Deere. No other decisions to be made!! We live on 4.25 of which I actually mow about 1.5. Mowing, weed eating, etc. can take me 4 hours, and that's on a riding mower!


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