Thursday, February 6, 2014


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We just like the layout and colors of everything in this picture.  The yellow flowers are stunning, the dark red ones in the background are pretty, the green grass and even the rustic shed.  It could also just be the middle of Winter blahs and longing for color.  Heck, even green would be welcome at this point!

Hope you are having a good week.  It's almost the weekend!

Be inspired!


  1. That's how I'd like my shed area to look.
    Jane x

  2. Or a field bright with sunflowers. That is what I am lusting after on this dark and rainy winter's night, while the bolognese sauce is heating up!

  3. Very pretty. Looks like Zinnias in the back...not hard to grow. The yellow ones I'm not sure of the name. There are flowers in my yard blooming...African Daisies and the sweet peas have pods ready to bloom. I really love poppies.

  4. 1st Man,

    Very inspirational picture, I would just love to have exactly everything in the picture sitting in the back yard. With no snow!!!

  5. This winter has been so long I had almost forgotten what summer looked like. Beautiful picture and composition. Can almost smell all those flowers

  6. I'm growing those yellow rudbeckia this year and I can't wait to have them. I'll plant the seeds next month.


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