Sunday, February 2, 2014


Not sure how many young people today would sign up for something like this, but it's nice to think that there was a time when they would.  This poster from WWII urged young men to sign up for a farm job and use their muscles to help support the war effort.  

The phrasing is different to me though...'put your muscle on a war basis'?  I understand the point but the use of 'on a war basis' sounds odd.  Any thoughts?

Cold and rainy today.  Is Spring coming soon?  We hope so!


  1. Heheh, seems that with the lack of employment out there these days, many young people might just sign up for farm jobs. In fact, some older people would sign up for them, too.

    1. Ha, good point. I bet that might be a bad national campaign today would it? Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!!


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