Saturday, October 1, 2011


To say we are majorly bummed would be an understatement.  I guess I should back up, we are very happy with the work so far, the house looks SO different.  But the contractor was out of town for a few days, on family business, and left it in his workers hands...sadly, they didn't get as far along as he (and we) had hoped earlier in the week.

We were even there to hear him yell at his guys!  It made me nervous, ha.  I think he was honestly a little embarrassed because the last time we spoke, he said he'd be almost finished today.  I still took pictures, but like I said, it's not finished, I'd probably say instead of 90% finished, it's about 70% finished.  On a side note, the electrician did a perfect job, we have new outlets inside where we didn't before, we have porch lights, security motion lights, and some outdoor outlets all around the house for plugging in stuff.

Today, we decided to replace all of the closet doors and the two bathroom doors.  He stripped them as best he could and it just didn't look as good as we had wanted.  So new doors it is.  There were some other things we changed as well and I'll share those in the upcoming days.

SO, alas, another week or so...

Fingers crossed again...

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