Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Heirloom tomato dinner
Came home last night and 2nd Man prepared this for dinner. We had both eaten heavy, late lunches at our respective jobs, so he opted to make something lighter.  We were at a local farmer's market last weekend and picked up a few organic tomatoes.

There is no real recipe here, but it's so very easy, I thought I'd share to hopefully inspire you to see how easy it can be to make a quick, healthy, delicious meal. The yellow tomatoes are called "Lemon Tomatoes" and the reds are just standard "Roma Tomatoes".  He diced them up, cubed some cheddar and mozzarella, poured over some good quality extra virgin olive oil, and then sprinkled on some chopped basil, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper.
Simple, quick, easy, and oh so delicious.

Sometimes simple is the best kind of meal.  I can't wait until we have our own fresh tomatoes next Summer.  I might just have to try to grow some of these lemon tomatoes, they are beautiful and had a great flavor.



  1. OMG, this looks DELICIOUS! I'm jealous. :-)

  2. @Craig: Ha, thanks. We don't get to eat like this every night, so don't be TOO jealous, lol. I hope though once we are growing our own stuff, we can have more meals like this.


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