Sunday, October 2, 2011


Living room work in progress
Here is a shot of the living room (as seen from the kitchen doorway) just last week.  The sheetrock had been done, but of course no painting yet...and below is as it was yesterday, with the painting almost finished, and trim work being completed...

What do you notice between the two photos?  Look have much brighter this photo is as compared to the photo above.  The pictures were both taken almost at the same time on clear and sunny days.  The white really reflects the light and makes the house bright and airy.  That is exactly what we wanted when we started this process!


  1. Love it, and love the door. I have almost the same color door at my house. :)

  2. @ Kelly: Yeah, we're going to have to replace the door at some point, you can't tell in this picture but it's rusted in a few spots and has some dents and scratches, but we WILL have a red door. In fact, the new one we picked out looks just like this, except it's got those built in blinds in the window section. I guess great minds think alike? LOL!

  3. I love the white walls, too. My daughter says darker colors and browns are all the fashion, but I find them depressing. Give me LIGHT!

  4. I know right? A coworker told me the same thing. Brown walls are all the rage. I just see them as dark and moody. I'm sure there are beautiful rooms that are brown and decorated like that, but I want the light to come in and have it airy and fresh and clean looking.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, please keep coming back! And you can watch how we decorate around the white walls, ha.

  5. I love red doors, especially on farm houses. They are so kitschy and homey. I am loving the transformation pictures. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space. Your pictures are making me rethink some of my plans... we went all out on color for the rooms we have done so far... but maybe a little white wouldn't be so bad. :)

  6. @Prairie Cat: Yes, while we will be getting new doors and replacing these, they will definitely be red. I love that look too. As for wall color, white was not my first choice either. But the more we tossed around color ideas, I just started looking at rooms where white was the main wall color and the furniture and accessories were the color splash. In fact, I posted somewhere on my blog some random pics of mostly white rooms with different colors of decorating, to show examples. We're hoping we like it, it should be fun starting to speak...I'll definitely be posting LOTS of pictures as things happen. And you know, if we don't like it later on, white is the easiest color to paint over, ha.


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