Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Black and white vinyl flooring

As often happens in remodeling, and as we discovered the other day with the utility sink, your original plans don't always come out as you had hoped.  We've been lucky, so far we've been able to do just about everything we wanted to do.  But nothing good is ever without compromise, and today we had to compromise on the vinyl flooring.

As you know if you've followed the blog, we have 4 areas that we want vinyl flooring in.  The mudroom, the bathroom, the sitting area, and the entryway.  Being a pier and beam house, we can't go for tile, there is just so much settling still going on from the foundation repair earlier this year, we were leery of cracks in the tile, not to mention the expense.  We had already settled on a white and black checkerboard pattern, we thought that would be sufficiently retro.  That could be done with stick down tiles, but then the contractor recommended against that.  He said in a year we'd be dealing with curling edges in the seams, loose tiles, etc.  He told us that sheet vinyl was the best choice.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any black and white checkerboard sheet vinyl, at a reasonable cost and on such short notice.  There was one place that had a sheet vinyl that probably would have worked but it was a 3 week custom order and was still pretty pricey.  We're just ready for this to be over so we can move on to the final stuff inside the house.

So we found this flooring above.  It's not exactly what we wanted, but it'll do.  The price is right, less than $1/sq foot, it's still got the white and black color we wanted (it looks a little off in this picture but we have a sample and it's definitely white and black) and best of all, it's available now.  So it was ordered, picked up and should be going down, possibly as early as today.  We think it will look good in the house, and if in a year or so we want to do something else, we haven't lost much.


OK, now this is so awesome.  Look at this picture I found while looking for some retro images!  The floor looks almost exactly like the one we are getting!
I think this is a pretty neat turn of events.

Change IS good.


  1. I'm glad you listened to your contractor and went with the sheet vinyl! I used the peel and stick in our winter abode, and I'd never recommend it. I got the most expensive (it was over $1 sq. ft.), thickest Armstrong tiles I could find. I prepped the old vinyl floor and floated on a smoothing agent. I sanded and I applied a primer. It looks pretty good, but heat and cold cause contractions and expansions, so sometimes the edges are farther apart then I'd like, and then they collect dirt. There are a couple of places where the tiles didn't stick down well, so I have to strategically place the table legs on the loose spots! I wish I'd done sheet vinyl, but I couldn't have installed that myself.

  2. That's great news!! Thanks for the reassuring words! I'll hopefully have pictures coming this weekend showing it finished.

  3. I like the floor, and especially the Hoosier since it's the same one I have. I just love it...

  4. I know how it feels to just want to be finished with a project so that you can start settling in! We recently purchased an outdated house, and I just could not live with the wallpaper that was plastered all over. No problem, we thought! Taking down wallpaper and painting may seem like a breeze, but once you start the project, you realize you cannot put anything in its proper place until you are finished.

    Here is to hoping that you can get the floors finished soon so that you can enjoy living in your home!

  5. @Prairie Cat: Thanks for the kind words. Yes, there is always something with an old house huh? We have discovered that several times. Plus we always have to remind ourselves, it doesn't have to be perfect, just look nice for us. It's an old house and it's never going to be "new". We like that. Just need to put 'our' stamp on it, ha.

    Good luck with your process, I can't wait to follow along!

  6. I have this same sheet vinyl and its very torn up after 3 years. Wondering how yours is doing?

    1. Hello! Well, it's been a couple of years, it's holding up pretty well. We did get some staining from something that was sitting on the floor for a few months and we moved it and it had stained ti vinyl. That was weird (it wasn't wet or anything). Anyway, it's held up pretty good but we aren't using it daily...I know it's not expensive though and we might end up replacing it at some point in the future. Thanks for asking!


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