Thursday, October 13, 2011


Cutting Garden with Path

I'm not sure what I like most in this picture...the cutting garden...the path down the center...or the
awesome blue bench in the distance just begging to be used.

I really like that color of blue in a garden.  It's a nice contrast to the colors found in nature.  We've thought of red for our accent furniture in the yard, but I kind of like this electric blue color too.
Very pretty.

OK, have a great day, I'll miss you, but see you back here tomorrow!


  1. What a beautiful scene :o) I love everything about and in it , especially that bench in the background...I'm putting one like it on my wish list :o)

  2. I think the blue is more akin to nature. But then I am not a red person even when it comes to flowers. It is a very beautiful setting no matter the color of the bench. I am afraid I would be using the bench more than working however.

  3. @Gingerbreadhouse7: Yeah, I love benches scattered around. The make for a nice place to stop and relax. Or when guests are over, they can stop to admire all your hard work (just make sure you have hard work to admire, ha). A bench (or two or three) is on my wishlist.

    @Wilderness: You know, you're right, blue is a more natural color, it reflects the sky, it reminds us of's a very calming color. Now I do have to admit I like red, but for me it has to be just the right shade of red, ha. And yes, I'm afraid a bench would be drawing me in to sit with a cup of tea and day dream about what I wanted to do in the garden. Of course, if my garden looks like this one, I think I might not mind taking a break to "enjoy the view".

  4. I love that shade of blue! It seems to keep appearing in various parts of my life :-) I also love benches that beg for you to sit on them! I've been re-thinking our backyard space...the flow is funny...maybe a new bench will help?!

  5. @Bee Girl: I am really loving it too! I'm rethinking that as our outdoor color too. And you know, if it keeps appearing in your life, then it's telling you it wants to be in your yard, lol.


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