Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Open kitchen cabinets
We were going to have the contractor replace the kitchen cabinet doors, and so during the painting process, he removed the old doors and painted inside the cabinets.   That's what this picture is.  Mind you the floor is not refinished yet and cleaning isn't done, but when we went out there over the weekend, we walked in, saw this and immediately thought "hmm, we kind of like the OPEN cabinets!"

So we decided to leave the two large cabinets on each end open, and then in the center, under the sink, we will have him put new doors.  That way, cleaning supplies, the pipes under the sink, etc, will be hidden from view, but our pots and pans will be open and on display.  Should look very nice when it's done. Oh, and we have new stainless steel pulls for the drawers, to match the stainless steel countertops.

We're also thinking that if we decide later on that we don't like it, we could very easily put some spring tension rods up and just cover the openings with a fabric curtain.  That is certainly a farmhouse look.


  1. If it was me, I would leave them like that and put pretty curtains across them. I have always loved curtains on cabinets.

  2. Yes, I think the curtains on cabinets it a nice look. We might do that. Plus we can change them out 'seasonally'.


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