Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Remember when I blogged HERE about my friend "R" finding the Creamy Crustene metal can at an estate sale?  Well the other night we went to dinner and he gave it me as a belated gift for my birthday!

Creamy Crustene
So here it is in its new home at the farm, up on top of the hutch in the kitchen.  It just needed a bit of cleaning and when I opened it, there was a bunch of tissue paper that I pulled out to throw away.  Wrapped inside was a little red bird, most likely a Christmas ornament.  I figured it found it's way to us so...

...we clipped it to a basket on the other end of the kitchen hutch and now it adds a little pop of color. We have cardinals at the farm so it only seems fitting that this one has a home in our house.  


  1. What a wonderful friend giving you such a great gift. Extra bonus finding the bird as well.

    1. From A bird in the can - to a bird in the hand. :}

  2. What a very nice friend for gifting you with this beautiful vintage can. And then the happy surprise of the cardinal inside! Both look great at your farmhouse.

  3. What a nice gift! I love unexpected gifts :)

  4. A two 'fer. Spectacular.

  5. 1st Man,

    Your friend obviously knew you like the can. Looks great at your place on the mantel.

  6. How Cool!! And what a find. Did your friend know about the the bird in the can, when he gave it to you as a birthday gift? I had a similar happening about a month ago. My step-mom passed and I was given my parents will in an envelope. I, finally, looked into it a couple weeks later, and lo & behold, my step-mom's original birth certificate and naturalization papers were there. What a find for me, as I am the family historian. M


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