Sunday, April 12, 2015


By way of a quick update, it's been a good weekend.  

I cleared a new pathway, or trail... the rest of the mowing done and that's always good.

Dewberries are busting out all over, yay, I see lots of them in our future!

Then the skies turned and it rained...we are up just slightly over an inch currently, and more forecast for this week.  This has been one of the wettest Springs I can remember and it's really put us behind in the gardening area.  Lots of decisions to be made.

Today we had 2nd Man's nephew's ring ceremony (this is for getting his senior ring, he's a junior this year).  It was nice, always good to be with family.  We had a nice lunch afterward, met a wonderful new friend, did some furniture shopping (but didn't buy anything, ha) and came home to lounge around on a rainy afternoon.  Meatloaf sandwiches for dinner, yum.  

I also created a new banner at the top of the blog, hope you like!
Will catch up on comments tonight!

Family, farm, friends, and food...can't complain!


Practical Parsimony said...

I like the banner. Is a ring ceremony just another way to say he married? In what religion or church does this occur? Sorry, but I am ignorant of this ceremony.

1st Man said...

OOPS! I mentioned it in yesterday's post and didn't think about just putting it up today without explanation, ha. He's a junior (at a private school) and they have a ring ceremony to get their senior class rings.

Thanks for the reminder, I edited the post, ha!! ;-)

Sandy said...

1st Man,

I bet our nephew enjoyed having both of you there for the ceremony. Did he get his school ring with any special characters on it?

You've been on your Zen machine again......we have too. We even attached our garage sale find on to the Zen machine to fertilize the grass today.

Great looking header for your blog sweetie!!!

Elephant's Child said...

Love the banner. The ring ceremony is totally alien to me. Thanks for the explanation.
And yes, that was a very, very productive weekend.

Sarah said...

Love the new blog banner! Have a good meatloaf recipe to share? My mom has lost her mojo when it comes to meatloaf making!

Colleen said...

Love your banner as mentioned in previous post ' BEAT THE RAIN.' Really looks awesome.
Great mowing job. Everything always looks so neat and tidy once it's finished. A nice mowed yard just looks like a beautiful park after everything is all trimmed up. Always a good job done when yard gets mowed.
I do have a ?. Was going through the recipe section and had found a few that I would like to make and was just wondering; is there a way that a printable button could be added? Be nice to just click on 'print' and be able to print out the recipe. Thank you.
I plan on making them biscuits and adding some shredded Cheddar cheese and brushing with garlic butter. I do make a cheddar cheese braid bread so I figured why not add cheese to the biscuits as well. Sorry, kinda got off subject here.
We had a very light, and I do mean a light mist of rain yesterday.
Goodness, at the moment, we're having strong, sharp lightening and thunderstorms.
Honestly, we could use a nice little shower. (will give me a break from working outside for a bit)
Have a wonderful and enjoyable day

FionaG said...

Great banner. Don't fret about all the rain, it will balance out. We had an exceptionally wet spring (didn't have to water at all) but the seeds and seedlings went berserk with the warmth and the wet. The real issue ended up being the rapid growth of the grass that we couldn't cut because it was always wet. If its not one thing, its another!!

Delores said...

Gotta love meatloaf sandwiches....hubs likes his with mayo....I like ketchup.

Audra Russell said...

I do like the banner...and meatloaf sandwiches...mail me some leftovers? :-)

Alison said...

Rain=lots of dewberries; it's a tradeoff. I hope it's worth it! And that you have lots and lots to share. ;-D I think the banner is really lovely and illustrates what you're blog is all about very nicely.

Texas Rose said...

Your mowed paths look so inviting. Perfect for a honeysuckle-scented stroll.
The dewberries should be bountiful this year with the good rain they’ve had. I’m looking forward to dewberry-picking time! Yours look like you’ll be getting plenty.

1st Man said...

No special characters, just the motto of the school, the school colors, etc. It's a pretty ring. Garage sale find? I missed that post, I'll have to go check it out!! I love attachments. ;-)

And yes, thanks for the comment on the header, I figured it was time for something more
permanent. The hardest part (but turned out to be the easiest ) was figuring out how to do it.

1st Man said...

It's a private school, Catholic, so they have a whole mass and everything, bless the rings, etc. Even though I'm not Catholic, it was a nice ceremony.

1st Man said...

Hmm, I'll have to get 2nd Man to dictate it over to me. He just makes it up as the goes along, ha. I'll see what I can do next time he makes it.

1st Man said...

Well first of all, thanks for the nice words. As for printable recipes, great idea!! We started the recipe section as just a random place to put links. I will have to do some googling about that. Thanks for the suggestion.

We had another 1/2" today. Ugh. Love the rain but need dry ground!! ;-)

1st Man said...

Thanks, I hear ya. It's always something huh? Yes, the grass I wasn't able to finish last week and this week, after the rain, it was ALMOST too long in some spots. It's definitely always something.

1st Man said...

Amen! I had mayo AND ketchup on mine, ha. Best of both worlds.

1st Man said...


I wish I could get some to you safely. I'd be mailing out food all over the place, ha.

1st Man said...

Yep, that's a tradeoff. And a good tradeoff. Thanks!!!

1st Man said...

I like that, a honeysuckle stroll!! It smells heavenly! Yep, dewberries love rain for sure.