Wednesday, August 10, 2022


So 2nd Man has a new favorite kitchen appliance...and it's something electric skillet.

Curtis Stone electric skillet
This model is from Curtis Stone (the TV chef).  It came with a rack, a silicone divider and a glass lid.

Electric skillet plug
It's not even anything fancy with digital or LED, it just has the regular old school plug in piece with a rotating knob for keep warm, low, medium and high.

Pork chops and potatoes in electric skillet
Here is a recent meal he did.  Using the silicone divider which just slips in lets you cook two things at the same time.  In this case he just did pork chops on one side and some small potatoes on the other side.  Just salt and pepper seasoning and olive oil on one side and some butter to sauté on the potato side.

Cooking in an electric skillet
It comes out great!
Nice cook on both items.

Sautéing vegetables
He uses it for sautéing veggies when preparing larger dishes and needs a lot of them...

Steaming vegetables in electric skillet
...and for steaming broccoli, asparagus and other veggies when needed for that.

One pot meal in electric skillet
Even one-dish meals like this one with rice, lentils and chicken where it can all cook together at the same time, come out great every time.

It's easy to clean up and while you can put them on the counter anywhere, we just put it on top of the glass stovetop.  We have to smile when we get it out (and it is used very often) knowing that our Moms would be laughing as they said "um, yeah, we used those too..."

Hey, whatever works, right?


  1. I have a square one and I cannot recall the last time I ever used that skillet. I should get rid of it!

  2. I agree about everything old being new again! I had a gigantic one when we first were married and used it until it died. I think now that there are just the two of us it would be great to have a smaller one, especially during the summer!

  3. I had an electric skillet. When I decided to give it away, the cord had disappeared. I never did find it. I wish I had another one. The first was huge but it seemed just right for some things. Yours is prettier.

  4. My grandma had one she cooked dinner in every sunday....I remember my mom having one that was oblong and had very tall sides, too.

  5. 2nd Man had a great idea! Especially during this heat. It sure beats standing over a hot stove.
    And it’s more economical to use. I just looked it up and an electric skillet uses one third less electricity than a stove burner.
    I used one for many years in my kindergarten classroom. We used to cook something for each letter of the alphabet. The kids loved it and it was a fun, engaging way to practice their reading and math skills. I need to dig it out of my cabinet and start using it again.

  6. Nice to see some of these vintage items coming back and yet new models sure have changed from those used years ago. I do use my different size (3) Nesco cookers quite a bit. With it being so hot and having all these triple day temperatures, these electric skillets are nice; saves from heating the oven.
    I have a square Sunbeam in yellow/gold that I have had for years but just don't use it anymore.
    Also have a green hand mixer (bridal shower gift) that I have had for years ( over 50 ) of which is boxed away being I now use my nice Kitchen Aide counter mixer.

  7. I have a big one that I use quite often. I really like the convenience of it.

  8. We had a square one. We (why do I say "we"? I do most of the cooking!) did use it but stopped after a while for some reason. It got moved on to thrift after it sat unused for years. We kept MILs vintage round electric skillet that she used often. But I haven't gotten it out to use, so I have no idea if it works any better. Or if it works at all.
    My stand mixer is a 1970s gold Sunbeam Mixmaster. Sadly the last time I used it, the motor kept cutting out for a second. My prior stand mixer was 1950s version, and its motor started spewing smoke one day. I probably should have tried to fix it.


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