Sunday, August 7, 2022


Sunday is here again.  The days just seem to fly by so quickly.  Still hot here, of course.  Here is some good food and some Hobart, of course.

2nd Man used up some stuff we had in the freezer and pantry.  This is beef stew meat, sautéed and then rice and lentils with tomatoes and a bag of frozen mixed vegetables.  Mixed all together with some beef broth and seasonings, it all came together nicely.  Satisfying and best of all, quick and easy.

Here's Hobart!

Sleeping (though momentarily awake for the photo) on another of his favorite blankets, a soft and fuzzy one that he loves to get wrapped up in because...



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, we bought it because we liked the style and color and the elephants were an added benefit, ha.

  2. Your stew combo dish and vegetables looks so colorful and delicious! Yum!
    Hobart is so cozy with his fluffy blanket. He really knows how to relax and take it easy!

    1. If only we could all relax like our cats, right? Thanks, dinner was good.

  3. Ditto to Texas Rose's comment.
    The heat really wears a person down. I had a nap myself yesterday; something that I very seldom do.

    1. This heat does do that. It's so draining. We're ready for Fall. But alas I think we're a ways off from Fall weather. Let's get some rain first.


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