Wednesday, August 3, 2022


In this dry, drought embattled time we have, let's see some flowers and remember what it can look like.

A couple of months back, we posted a picture of this plant, our "yesterday/today/tomorrow" plant (notice the green yard, ha).

It was a gift from a coworker a couple of years ago and and we've been taking care of it on the porch until we can get it planted in a special spot.  She told us she had a huge one growing in front of her house.

She found this picture to show us:

This is what the plant grew to look like in front of her house here in town.  Amazing isn't it?

We can only imagine the incredible scent it gives off when this big.  This is why we want to plant it in a special spot where it can grow big and beautiful and we can enjoy it for years to come.  It's going to have to be in a special flowerbed for sure.  In this drought though, we are not getting it in the ground when we are only available to water it once a week.  They have been hard to find in nurseries and it's come this far.


  1. So pretty. I have been wanting to get one for quite some time now.
    Like you mentioned; nurseries in our area here don't carry them but can find on them online.
    I do know that they are a fast grower and can get up to 8 feet tall or more and 6 ft. wide depending on soil conditions.
    Would really be pretty growing up on a trellis or arbor.

  2. What is the name of this shrub? It is quite pretty.

    1. Oh, I see. I was on the verge of a nap and figured it minutes after I

  3. That is a beauty! Your coworkers plant is huge and so full of blossoms. I used to have one of these shrubs but I lost it in a drought years ago when I couldn't keep up with the watering.


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