Saturday, August 13, 2022



Very heavy storms moved through the area the other night, including the farm.  That "pin" in this radar image is the house.  2nd Family said there was a little over 3 inches of rain.  Of course there was also very strong winds, crazy lightning and a tornado thrown in for good measure.  The tornado was radar indicated but rural enough that no damage was reported anywhere.

Of course with the high winds, we worry about the pear tree, we might be gathering them all off the ground if Mother Nature or the wild animals haven't beaten us to it.  We'll see!  Today as this posts it's off to the farm to check on on things.  Who knows, there might even be mowing on the horizon.

Updates to come!


  1. The one day you get rain and other weather, it is calm and dry here. I hope all is well at the farm.

  2. Please send the rain my way when you're done with it !

  3. I'm really glad that you got a good rain. I know your yard and trees at the Farm are rejoicing.
    Alas, still nothing here.

  4. Your trees are probably doing the 'Happy Dance' with the rain you received.
    By the way, Happy Anniversary to you both.


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