Sunday, June 12, 2016


Not so much fun yesterday after all...

I started with the weedeater but then the head on it broke.  So no edging.

As it turned out, probably a good thing because I started mowing instead...

And mowing...

And was a nightmare.

The mower kept getting stuck in tall grass.  As you can see above, the mulched grass clippings are just everywhere, and I am not raking acres and acres of grass.  I was on the mower for almost 6 hours.  STILL not finished.  There are areas I didn't get to, and of course I never even looked in the garden, I figure I'll do that today.

I had to come back home as I was worn out.  

Today it's a stop at Home Depot to get the part to fix the weedeater, then I'll do all the edging first, and finish the mowing and then work in the garden.

For the first time in a while, the time on the mower was not so Zen...

I'll just focus on the end result which should look much better.  


  1. Yep, I was going to say you need a goat or two!

  2. Next time you have such deep grass, mow at the highest settings. You won't leave such a mess that will kill the grass under the clippings. That's wju I got a mower with a bagger. I know you don't want to rake, but you could put some of those clippings in places near the house that get boggy. I saw a workx weedeater that has two little wheels that flip down so you don't have to hurt yourself holding up the weedeater. Check it out online. Oh, it has a battery.

  3. 1st Man - jambaloney feels your pain! because of the last 2 weeks of rain that we had, he was out all day yesterday up to his hips in grass with a whipper-snipper. we, as you, always try to keep the grass down to a dull roar but with all the rain and no dry days to mow, you end up with the mess you have and the mess we had! if we had the right kind of land and a place to keep goats - yer darn tootin's we'd get goats! sending much love to the both of you!

    your friend,

  4. You need a hay-baler! I'm glad you got so much done yesterday - looks like you may be getting some rain today. It's raining again here right now.

  5. If I was a weed-eater I would break before tackling that big job too.
    Well done you. It will look a thousand percent when your aching tired bones are finished.

  6. It just proves the old saying about too much of a good thing.... By the way, if you had goats they would probably eat everything else first before hitting the grass. They can be frustrating like that, or maybe it's just our goats. LOL.

  7. From the looks of it you best call someone in to come bail that for you :}
    Might want to think about getting a grass catcher for your mower. Granted you would have to dump the bag several times but by piling it up it would break down and make for good compost.
    We had some thunder and lightening along with a small shower but didn't really amount to much.

  8. 1st Man,

    I so understand your grass every where issue. Since having all that rain/moisture, the grass has grown dramatically. Making cutting the grass a full time dreadful job. Were going through the same thing. I'm contemplating picking up a large attachment for the Zen machine to bag all the grass. Hang in there my friend!!! Remember the grass will soon stop growing because of the heat.


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