Thursday, June 30, 2016


Every Thursday, we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm.  
Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

Tree swing, image via Pinterest
While on the subject recently of "things in trees" at the farm for Inspiration Thursday posts (last week the platform, the week before the hammock), we were looking at images online.  We saw this and both of our inner children screamed "WE WANT ONE!".  

Of course, we have a Grand Nephew (Great Nephew?) and some more someday, so we want the farm to be a place for everyone to enjoy.  It doesn't just have to be for our inner child, it can be for actual children too...we just have to make sure the branch and the rope support "adult weight", LOL!

I'm currently clearing the perfect area (lots of trees) and while any two near each other work for hammocks, a swing like this has to have just the right branch to hang from.  We'll see what happens!

Be inspired!


Colleen said...

That would be Grrrrrrrrrreat. Kids young and old would enjoy that and made to.........One size fits all project; The branch, rope and seat part :} strong and big enough.
Young kids I know enjoy using a tire swing as well along with using a thick piece of round wood to swing on; an old chair with legs cut off.
Another option for hanging a swing.
Now, while the young kids are swinging away, you need to make/have a spot to play horseshoes. Dead ringer game for adults :}
Oh, yes, how about putting up a Zip Line as well. :}
Would never be a dull moment at your place that's for sure.

Practical Parsimony said...

I would love a swing like that with a nice wide wood seat. I hate those straps for seats. If you get all the things colleen suggested, have papers for people to sign so you won't be held liable. lol...all good ideas, though.

Texas Rose said...

This is a must-have for the Farm. Sooo relaxing!

Practical Parsimony said...

Before you cut trees, you might go to the trouble to identify them, taking a picture of the tree from a distance, picture of a leaf or two, and picture of the bark. You can buy a book to identify trees and compare your pictures to the book.

Any hickory or pecan, same family, will be sturdier, I think. Now, my oaks drop limbs all the time, but have sturdy limbs. The hickories have never dropped one limb. I suppose they are sturdy.

At any rate, I would not cut trees without studying them. I think the swing should be your first project!

1st Man said...

I love that comment "never a dull moment" that would be true, ha. Thanks for the link, awesome. Horseshoes! Great idea too!! zip line? Hmm, might have to think about that....LOL!

1st Man said...

Ha, so true!!! "Sign here!" ha. Yep a wide wood seat would be nice and I don't like those straps either.

1st Man said...

I was thinking it would be nice after working in the garden to just swing in some shade and a breeze. :-)

1st Man said...

Thank you, We haven't cut any trees down, and won't, I'm just clearing the area under them. I think most of them are just random trees, but we'll make the most with them. And yes, once it's all cleared, I think this might be first. I want to be the one to swing on it, ha.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I think every place should have a swing and adults should be required to do a "test load" on a regular basis, just to keep the children safe, right?. We have a couple of oaks at the lake place that are screaming for one, but so far we are still trying to get the yard there cleaned out and up and maintained while slowly but surely putting our "mark" on things.

Margaret said...

What a fabulous find and free too, I think the porch would need this food, drinks, books, radio etc.

Just off subject but one of the Australian gardening experts showed his preffered way of growing tomatoes, it was with a metal panel like the cucumber trellis but was held up on both ends, the plants grow up through the mesh and then drape all over it. It keeps the plants supported and up off the ground and the fruit can get the sun. win

Margaret said...

You might still be able to do this with your plants , if you use one or 2 of the unassembled panels with the larger gaps, worth a try

1st Man said...

I like how you think! A periodic "test ride", right? That's the hard part, making our marks, isn't it? It's a slow process but it's rewarding over time. Hang in there. We have SO much left to do but i just tackle small bits at a time.

1st Man said...

Thanks for this info. Radio books etc, great idea on the cart. Thanks!

I will have to google that method. I'm always fascinated when they come up with a new way of doing something old.

1st Man said...

Thanks gain. I might just have to try that. Thanks!!!