Friday, June 24, 2016


Saw these at the store the other day...

Green Plums! 

They were small, smaller than a pingpong ball and pretty firm.  I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be like that, or pulled early for some "culinary" reason?  Has anyone ever seen these?  

What would they be used for?  Anyone used them?  After our post about the green tomatoes the other day, this is interesting...maybe similar?


  1. Nope no idea but the color in the photo is fantastic. Blow it up and frame it. Great kitchen photo I think.

  2. They are always sold firm, underripe by the standard of more familiar plums, and they never will ripen and very sour which is exactly what they're supposed to be.
    Often sold as snacks at the farmers' market, served with Tabasco and salt. Can also be made into jam.
    Beautiful photo to print out, Mod Podge on canvas and hang in your country kitchen
    Bit more info:

  3. I see them all the time but have never bought any. I am not a huge plum lover, but I do can killer plum sauce every year as a condiment. If the price is right I might have to give a green plum relish a try.

  4. They're lemon plums, very tart and always firm... use them where you need bright, acidic notes.

  5. They make a great sipping cordial. Pierce the peels in a couple of places, and put them in a jar with an equal amount of vodka and sugar. Let them sit for a month, and you'll have a delicious drink. Yummmm. You can do the same thing with a lot of other fruits, lemons, oranges, peach, lots of berries. Melons don't work for this well at all.

  6. we call them greengage in England. they can be made into jam, they are tart in taste.

  7. I grow 7 different varieties of plums...these are greengage. I have santa rosa, elephant heart, damson, greengage, satsuma, maribelle and French (prune). I love them all...fresh, in jam, jelly and wines/cordials, tarts and dried.

  8. A lot of the guys I used to work with ate them just like that with salt sometimes. They would bring big sacks of them to work and we'd all share them at lunch. They were a bit too tart for my tastes though!

  9. Hi, confirming that there are plum varieties that are green. The one I know of is the greengage Sol and Lynda commented on. Green and yellow plums are delicious but uncommon here in NZ.


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