Saturday, June 4, 2016


But not so much this morning, as it was pouring in the early hours.  It was a good morning to sleep in...

2nd Man made a great breakfast, tomatoes, sausage and eggs, a yummy way to wake up.  And now, the storms SEEM to have moved on out of here and nothing is redeveloping to the West, which is where the farm is.

Red dot is downtown where we are now, the farm is out to the West in the clear area.  2nd Family tells us roads out there are still dicey, but draining quickly.  Thankfully, it didn't rain much out there last night or this morning, just sprinkles, the heaviest was in town and down toward the coast.  So we are staying in town today, running a few more errands... is the forecast.  Wait, what is that later in the week?  The sun?  All by itself?  100% chance of...sunshine?  YAY!   Tomorrow is 40% but I look at that as 60% chance of NO rain, right? 

Hope you are having a good weekend!

And, growing up watching boxing with my Dad, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the passing of a talented athlete...


  1. Did receive a light mist of rain early this morning but the sun is out but very, very humid as well.
    With the sun and light breeze hopefully our yard will dry up somewhat but will still be too wet to mow tomorrow but maybe later in the week.
    I did manage to slosh in the water puddles and pick 2 more ripe tomatoes.
    Got some hot peppers that are growing along with a bell pepper but need sun and heat now to get them growing good.
    Oh, got some 'pea' size tomatoes on my cherry tomato as well.
    With the rain, the plants and of course the weeds have really taken off.
    Picked my 2 first strawberries yesterday; they where small but good tasting :}
    Have a great weekend and your head above water

  2. I've had light rain off and on all day today. Yep, it was good sleeping-in weather.
    Glad to hear that the roads to the Farm are draining now. It looks like this will be the end of it for awhile.
    I hope your garden, which you worked so hard at cleaning, mulching, and planting, has not drowned out. Mine is a bit higher than the surrounding yard and is a little slanted, so it drains well - but my vegetables are saying "enough already!"

    RIP to Muhammad Ali.

  3. be safe down there. thank you for your kind comment today...

  4. I would love to wake up to THAT kind of meal. You are lucky!

  5. 1st Man,

    It's starting to look like the sun and heat will finally show it's face.
    Stay safe with all that sitting water.

    RIP Muhammad Ali!!!

  6. Glad that your weather has improved. And on this side of the world we have (and welcome) some much needed rain.

  7. So glad for the weather improvement! It was really needed there!

  8. "fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee"...i admired him too.

    that breakfast looks deelish!

    i hope everything is tickedy-boo at the farm when you get out there. rain is always good - but THAT much rain? krikees!

    but sending much love as always to you both! your friend,

  9. I too grew up watching boxing with my Dad, Friday was the Gillette fights! I saw Ali in NYC across the street from me walking surrounded by small children being very excited. I hope these children remembered that day too. Ali was the greatest boxer and a better man than we knew. RIP

  10. it's unreal to see how much water TX and france has taken on the past few weeks. glad you are safe.


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