Sunday, June 5, 2016


Off to the farm as this posts, to make sure things are OK.  There will be no mowing of course, but really, with two weeks absence, we're kind of anxious to just check the house, the bees, the garden, etc.  

We checked an online map and the roads around the area are clear so we're good there.  Oh but there is this:

 "J" from 2nd Family told me this morning that when we get there, watch for snakes...they are, in her words, EVERYWHERE

Oh.  My.

What I pictured in my head when she said that...

I've got the car loaded up with these.  Have to take them out there...mystery boxes!  Though you can catch a glimpse of something in the open one.  

I've been ordering things online for some upcoming projects...
Outdoor projects...

If it ever stops raining long enough!

I'm not however, looking forward to seeing the yard...we'll see what it all looks like out there, fingers crossed!
More later!


  1. From the looks of them boxes you have some fun work ahead of you to do; including putting up a clothes line maybe :}
    Yes, do watch out for them snakes and possible fire ant mountains / mounds.
    We have plenty of mounds in our yard but I have been putting Amdro (5 lbs. for $20.00 @ Lowe's)or other fire ant killer on them.
    Have a wonderful and enjoyable day

    1. Yep, more revealed soon (but no laundry line, YET!). Saw a few fire ant mounds and yes, Amdro works WONDERS. (smells like death but it works, ha)

  2. Hoping all is well at the Farm. Yikes, that snake picture gave me a fright - hope you don't see THAT many (or any!) out there. And of course there will be plenty of mosquitoes, fire ants, and every other kind of creepy-crawler.
    It's still raining lightly here - so it's another stay-inside day - sigh.

    Oohh, mystery boxes! Can't wait to see what they contain!

    1. Stay tuned!! Yep, there are all sorts of creepy crawlies. Big sigh!

  3. It has been unseasonably hot and dry here, fingers crossed everything is Ok and all you need is a broom to sweep up :-)

  4. hope the bees are ok, and that the snakes have slithered off to higher ground.

  5. Fingers crossed! All of them!

  6. 1st Man,

    Be careful when you return to the farm. Snakes love coming back out into the sun after it's been raining. You may even have to cut the grass twice. Start at a higher level, and then gradually work your way down. You should see our grass, it's almost in the middle of my shin.

    1. Yep, I hear ya. The grass is crazy too. I'll be happy to be on the zen machine soon!


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