Friday, June 3, 2016


Sometimes there are just no words, or at least not enough...

Yep, the purple above is 24".  That's TWO FEET of rain.  In a week.

We've had more rain in the last week that we usually get in the first 5 months of the year.  Other, normally drier parts of Texas have had almost a years worth of rain.  I read an article where the author said that words cannot describe the kind of rain that accumulates several inches in an has to see it comprehend it.  And that is so true.  Maybe we've just grown used to it, or perhaps have become numb to it...

CLICK HERE for a link to a recent article about our state's historic flooding...the Brazos river to the West and Spring Creek to the North are at historic levels and have flooded entire small towns and suburbs around Houston.  

For those who've asked, we are fine, we always will be in town, as we are in a high rise.  Our jobs (as do most Houstonian's) ask people to stay home when the roads flood.  Most of the flooding of the last few days has been on the West side of town, and the North/Northwest.  And that means it's wet at the farm.  

Very wet.  

2nd Family tells us about 6" this week.  That's on top of last weeks 8" total.  The roads are once again flooded around the farm but the house (and bees) are OK.  We haven't been able to go out there now in two weeks (and I haven't been able to mow in almost 4 weeks).  We're hoping this is the weekend that the rain lets up and the roads drain off a bit.  

The farm is probably starting to look like an episode of "Life After People":

I'll catch up with comments soon, it's just been so busy at work that I'm exhausted by the time I get home.

Keep Texas in your thoughts!  
A LOT of people need it.


  1. Hopefully, the rain will be good for crops. I never thought about Texas as being a wet state. Thankfully, Alabama is dry on your map.

  2. We had another shower of rain this morning but at least the sun is now out...............Finally.
    By the way; Anyone have a canoe for sale? :} We may need one if it keeps up but at least next week it's to be pretty good with no chance of rain for the first part of the week anyway.

  3. Sigh. There is no justice. We were promised heavy rain. And are getting nearly dry showers.
    Texas (and Paris) are in my thoughts.

  4. Hopefully things will ease up soon. We are just getting substantial rain after having virtually zero rain all through summer and autumn. We so need it but we have relatives from Chicago due in a couple of days and they may not be able to get past our flooded causeway. You have to wonder about the timing of the universe sometimes! Question, do you still get paid for when you have to stay home or is it leave without pay? Just curious. If that's a rude question, feel free to not answer it.

  5. can you imagine what this would translate into snow?!

  6. I really do feel bad for South and West Texas. It is horrible. Drought then flooding. It is just too much. Hopefully the jet stream will shift soon. Just not where I live. We've had enough.

  7. 1st Man,

    I know you've been pretty busy with all this weather and claims. Hope you and 2nd Man are well, and didn't suffer any issues from all the water at your farm. Be careful, more water coming both our ways.

  8. All I can think of after that much water and hot summer temps is how much mold and mildew is going to follow.

  9. definitely a dire situation for sure,, I keep you all in my thoughts and hope the weather changes soon,

  10. 4 weeks of not being able to mow at the Farm! When you are finally able to mow again, you're going to need a hay baler instead of a lawn mower!
    Hoping that the deluge ends soon.


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