Sunday, June 26, 2016


Well, we don't have to worry about THIS at the farm, thankfully...or I'd never get ANYTHING done...*and 2nd Man would have a "FOR SALE" sign up!


It's time for Discovery Channel's annual tradition, which has pretty much turned into our annual tradition, SHARK WEEK!  For those interested, CLICK HERE for this year's schedule of programming. 

We love the weeklong series of shows...from the safety of our couch of course.  Shark Week has become a sort of cultural phenomenon now, even AMAZON has a bunch of Shark Week stuff for sale (we found some t-shirts we really want).

It's been a good weekend, I'll have updates during the week, today I had a nice "day off", we ran errands, got our hair cut, did some shopping, and best of all, I slept in AND took a nap!  Sometimes we need those days!

Of course the farm still has scorpions, and black widows, and snakes, and mice, and fire ants, and wasps...hmm...


  1. Watching it right now! Here in Pennsylvania!!!

  2. I just saw the trailer for "The Shallows". I'm SO going to have to go see that. I surfed Indian Head Beach on the Oregon Coast as a teen dressed in a wet suit that made me look like a seal with double D cups in BIG white shark territory. If the current was big, we'd use the rip on the north side...nicely secluded, too secluded. Was I an idiot or WHAT?

  3. We were in New York during Shark Week once. Every where we turned Discovery had people dressed as lifeguards handing out whistles and giving away sharks teeth (ok the plastic variety)

  4. Yep, Shark Week is one of my must-sees also!
    Here’s my shark story. I was in chest-deep water at Padre Island. I was facing the Gulf and my friend was facing the beach as we held onto a float. I joked that I would be on the look-out for sharks. A few minutes later, my friend said “there’s a shark on the beach.” I said to quit joking, it wasn’t funny. But I turned around and there was a big shark on the beach by some fishermen. We went in and asked the guys where they had caught that shark. They said “right where y’all were in the water, about 20 minutes ago.” Needless to say, I stayed in ankle-deep water the rest of the day!

  5. Had no idea what Shark week was as we don't have cable or satellite so of course we don't get the Discovery Channel so I went and checked it out on the link provided.
    When we had all that rain and ditches where full, I mentioned to my husband that we should make a wooden shark or dolphin and stick it down in the ditch. :} Never got one made tho. Even thought about making a wooden fisherman with fishing pole and putting down in the ditch. Many possibilities. Think my mind was working overtime during that time :}


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