Friday, June 17, 2016


All SORTS of problems.  Sigh.  

More on that later in a longer update...

Look at this morning's post for the before on this spot...I did get mowing and some edging done.  Not finished though, I couldn't because of the other things that happened, just ran out of time...

Double Decker Tacos
I did however get to come home to a great meal of homemade "double decker" chicken tacos so that was a good end to the day.  

Update:  Double decker tacos...just like at Taco Bell (only better and homemade).  You simply take a flour tortilla, spread some refried beans on it, take a crunchy taco shell, fill it with whatever you like, we used shredded and seasoned chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce, cilantro and queso fresco (crumbling cheese).  Then you just put the filled, crunchy taco in the middle of the refried bean covered tortilla and fold up around it.  DOUBLE DECKER!

Back out in the morning to finish edging, work on the garden and deal with the other issues.  It seems like it's always something but hey, if it wasn't, life would be boring, right?  


  1. And I bet the heat also made every thing more challenging! Double decker tacos .... never heard of them ... and wish I hadn't now... because now I am hungry again and dinner is well over! Take care. Geo

    1. I should have explained (I'll update the post). Yes the heat was oppressive! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the problems you may had occurred but sure makes one's day coming home to a good, home cooked meal worth while.
    Maybe the troubles that you had, someone up above was trying to tell you something...................that you shouldn't be working in the hot Texas heat. Sometimes we get signs that are often ignored.
    Hoping the rest of the weekend goes much better for you

    1. spotted that old wheelbarrow there. What a great item to plant herbs, spilled flowers or even great to make a fairy garden.
      A little wheelbarrow inspiration for you:

  3. Oh, you have given me a great lunch idea! I have small tortillas but no taco shells, but ... I have some great crunchy chips!

  4. There seems to always be "something" at a second home. I guess there is always "something" at home too but I don't have to use the weekend to address it. Maybe if I just moved to the lake for the summer Ditto if you and 2nd Man did the same!

  5. What a difference some (or a LOT) mowing and edging makes! Barnabas looks ready to party!
    Another great supper from 2nd Man! He needs to write a cookbook.

  6. Sometimes a boring life sounds absolutely wonderful.


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