Sunday, July 10, 2016


 Saturday was good.  HOT.  But good.  Started off a bit nerve-wracking though.  I rolled the mower down the ramps from the shed, hopped on and it wouldn't start.  Even though I just replaced the battery a few weeks ago, I checked it.  It was good.  So I got online and Googled our model and the symptoms and found a suggestion.  When you get off the mower, a sensor in the seat cuts off power to the engine (for safety reasons).  I lifted the seat, removed the sensor, cleaned it of dust, hopped back on, and it started right up!  PHEW!

I got everything mowed, it looks so much better now.  

I cut it pretty short, time for its "Summer" cut (like me), ha!

Fresh Fig
What could have possibly done this to this fig?  Oh wait, it was ME!!!!!!  

I was riding around the fig tree with the mower and realized I needed to pluck them off so it could focus on root development.  Well, there were two that were nice and ripe.  And I COULDN'T let them go to waste.  Right?  

A warm, sweet fig right off the tree was pure heaven.  

I finished mowing everything, did some stuff in the garden and it was the end of the day.  

Texas Lilac (Vitex)
The Texas Lilacs are in full bloom.  I should start pruning them this Fall as they've grown quite a bit.  We kind of like the big bushy look though...we'll see how it goes.

Time for dinner...

Beef, peppers and mashed potatoes
...and 2nd Man did well.  A wonderful beef stew type dish that he just sort of made up with ingredients on hand.  Beef, fresh bell peppers from 2nd Family's garden, some fresh corn off the cob from the farmers market, all in a sauce/gravy made with cream of poblano...and mashed potatoes on the side.

It was yummy (as usual!)

More in the next post!


  1. Google to the rescue again! Glad that you were able to fix the problem so easily.
    The yard looks great - so neat and trim.
    Beautiful fig - there’s nothing better than picking and eating your home-grown fruit right off the tree.
    Your Texas Lilac looks gorgeous!
    And another delicious supper to come home to!

    1. Amen to that. The internet does have useful stuff after all, ha. I love the yard when it's neat. Such a relief. That fig was good. One of my coworkers said it looked scary, like it was going to bite back, ha.

  2. 1st Man,

    You're so ahead of me on cutting the grass. I decided to wait until Monday early morning to cut the grass. It's rained throughout the weekend and the grass should be some what dry by then. And I do plan on cutting it short as you did to possible add a few days in between without having to cut again. I love your Texas Lilac Bush, and know it's got to just smell wonderful this time of year.
    Enjoy your delicious looking meal.......

    1. Thank you sweet lady! I saw you had some rain. We've been rain free for almost two weeks now. In a way, even after our unbelievable Spring rains, we need the rain now! It grows so fast when it rains that's for sure.

      The Texas Lilac doesn't have any smell as it's not a true lilac. They just call it that because it's the closest thing to that that will grow in our heat, ha.


  3. nothing like a fig fresh off the tree! that dinner looks so good!

    1. Oh it was truly special. Now if we could just get it about 5 feet taller and bearing LOTS of fruit, ha. .

  4. ugh. a fresh fig right off the tree? i would have thought i had died and gone to heaven!!! the yard looks great and i love your lavender! i had a beautiful lavender bush back in the city that i grew from seed and for years it just kept getting bigger and bigger. but i can't for the life of me grow lavender here. i tried again and planted it in pots in the greenhouse - cross your fingers. i use lavender in so many things and the dried stuff just doesn't cut it. as always, 2nd Man's meal looks delicious!

    sending you both much love! your friend,

    1. ha, it was yummy yummy! And warm from the Sun.

      Alas, this is not lavender. We can't get them to grow here either. They need just the right soil (which we don't have for sure) and dryer instead of humid. Heck this isn't even true lilac. It's just a pretty flower, ha.

      Food was yummy too, you should have stopped by, haha!!

  5. Your grounds look so neat and tidy. Great job.
    Now to your Fig.......:] Looks like Jaws took a bit out of crime :}
    Believe it or not; I have Never, Ever have I eaten a Fig.
    Had a very light shower of rain (not hardly enough to register in the gauge) late yesterday afternoon; around 5 but oh my, the wind, that was something else. Was blowing so hard I couldn't even step out my back door.

    1. Thanks and yep, I was the Jaws. I have a tendency to do that with food, ha.

      No fig? EVER? Wow.

      Wind was pretty wild here too.

  6. nice to see the outside of the farm; looking good!

  7. When I was a kid my aunt had fig trees in her back yard. I can't tell you how many time we grabbed and ate hot figs while we were playing in her back yard. Sweet memories!

    1. Oh I hope this tree gets big. I love that thought! What a great memory to have too!

      Thanks for sharing!!


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