Saturday, July 9, 2016


Here is a great image we found, we'd love to have this in poster form...

It is oh so true...our state has some of the most extremes of weather and our Summers are hot and hotter, dry and humid, we have it all around the state.

Yep, we live around the "D" in "humid".  

In our opinion, the humidity makes the heat much more unbearable than just straight up dry heat.  It saps your energy and just generally makes life miserable.  Dry heat is whatever temp it is...wet heat always has a "feels like" temperature that is far higher than what it might actually be.

We're actually under a heat advisory this weekend, even opening cooling centers in Houston for those who don't have a/c and need a break from the heat.

Speaking of this heat, we'll be out in it today.  Will definitely need to mow since I skipped it last weekend.  I think I will just mow and t
hen check on and work in the garden.  Then go and do projects inside that can take advantage of the window units. There's always something to do inside where it's cool(er).

Hope your weekend is off to a good start!
 (and perhaps cooler)


  1. we are in our third day of "extreme heat warning" here. and, like you, I don't mind the heat, but the 4 Hs (hazy hot humid hell) are not fun and play rough with my asthma/allergies.

    take care out there!

  2. Absolutely Love the poster. Would like to have that as a magnetic sign to hang on my porch.
    Texas has two seasons: summer, and NOT summer and I do think that God cancels out Autumn here altogether.
    Started mowing here yesterday but got way too hot to finish it up so will finish first thing in the morning before the heat sets in.
    I so agree; that heat just wears a person down. I'm totally exhausted by days end.
    Stay cool and don't be out in that heat for long periods of time.
    Enjoy your day and have a great weekend.

  3. i don't know how you guys can stand that heat and humidity. back in ottawa we would get a spell of a week or two of humidity with temps in the 30's C but it would only be for a spell. here on the island - even on our hottest days (about 30C) but we always have the ocean breeze - thank the Lord! you texans are lovely people but my goodness i don't know how you live in that heat and humidity. i'm a sugarplum and would melt in an hour - bahahahha!

    stay cool, drink lots of water and don't overdo it in that heat! sending much love to you both! your friend,

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    2. (yes, I deleted my other message due to a big boo boo I had made.)
      I start early in the morning when it's rather cool outside; around 5:30am and work doing what I can and try to get as much accomplished as possible till it gets too hot and then I come in and work inside where it's cooler. Our AC seems like it runs constantly during the Hot summer months.

  4. it feels like houston here to. endless high heat and humidity. i hate summer.

  5. Well, here in the high desert of Oregon we have Winter and August. Right now it is barely 70 degrees and last night I turned the heater on in the house. Go figure.

  6. You are so right about humidity. I don't like heat and I loathe humidity. It turns me into a sad and soggy mess. Don't work too hard - and drink plenty of water.

  7. One summer, maybe 1987, we had a week of above 100 degree weather. The humidity was in teens and twenties. I LOVED it. I am a sweating machine, so I stayed comfortable with sweat drying before I got sticky. Everyone else was dying and complaining. Not me. The humidity wears me down.

    Right now, my whole head is wet. Since I am lying in bed, my pillow will be damp and will get rancid. Yes, I do wash it often. At least you are not walking to do the mowing. Wear a hat with a dish towel underneath, draped down your neck to reduce the searing heat. I would wear a wet towel around my neck. Better yet, just hose yourself down and ride 'til it

  8. Perfect poster for our summers.
    Be careful out in that heat! When it’s hot and humid, your body has to work harder to extract oxygen from the air - not good for my asthma. That may be why this weather just wears a person out.
    It is so hot that my tomatoes are actually cooking on the vine unless I pick them a little green.

  9. I love the sign especially the bottom part. Please stay safe and cool!


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