Monday, November 14, 2011


Well, as you know, the other night we made a "during the week" trip out to the farm to get the Lillesand (that's the name of it) bed frame out there.  It barely fit, maybe an inch to spare, but it fit, that's all that matters.
Master Bedroom Before
Above is it before, with the parts all laying around ready and waiting.  This one was even easier to put together that the white one I blogged about last week.  So about ten minutes after I started...
Master Bedroom After it is finished.  Super easy to assemble.  It does fill up the space, so I'm not sure we'll have room for end tables here, but we're thinking some sort of vintage style floor lamps, one on each side of the bed.  As for the color palette in this room, we're thinking white, blue, gray and black.  For the blue, we're thinking of a mix of cobalt and light blue.  Something that looks relaxing and works well with the gray.  We've always liked bedroom colors that are relaxing and calming.  Ironically, we have never had a blue room, but we saw this picture online once...
Blue, White, Black Bedroom
...and it really inspired us to try for a look like this.  So that's why when we found a bed frame that looked very much like the one in this picture we had to have it.  It's a start and gives us a point to create from!  That's always a good decorating tip, get your largest piece, the focal point of the room, then decorate off from that.  When we get two chairs for the reading area, we might even find some like the one in this picture too.

So now it's shopping for blue accessories, starting with the bedspread/quilt!


  1. Love the choice for color. I really like that blue with the black and white. It's masculine but realxing too. It will be a nice contrast to the guest room.

  2. Becca - Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog! Yes, we are kind of going for an opposite effect from the guest room and that's what we hope to accomplish with the blue color palette. Keep checking back as things happen!

  3. I have a bunch of cobalt blue glass bottles, etc. that you are welcome to if you want them. They used to be in my kitchen in our "farm" house.

  4. Kelly - Oooh, I never thought about that. A few cobalt glass things scattered about in there might be nice! Hold on to them! I may call in that marker once we get some more furniture in there, ha.


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