Monday, November 7, 2011


Magnetic Jar Rack, image via

Ran across this terrific idea on the Internet the other day.  Someone took a magnetic strip and mounted it under their kitchen cabinet.  Then they took metal top jars and hung them, magnetically, from underneath the cabinets.
We have those two new white upper cabinets in the kitchen, this might just be a great thing for them.  I like the way it is mounted further back so that they don't cause you to lose counter space below.

Awesome idea that I thought I'd share. If/when we do it, I'll be sure and post details of what we found and how it came out.


  1. I LOVE this idea. I really enjoy how you find these awesome ideas on the internet and share them instaed of keeping them to yourself, ha. I hope you do this so we can see how it's done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I second that statement..I need a bigger kitchen or more idea's like this one :o) thanks.

  3. Janie and Gingerbreadshouse - Y'all are just too kind. I appreciate it. That's what I like to do, one of my friends told me once "I let you surf the net so I don't have to", LOL! So when I started this blog, I thought "I'm going to have to find things that I want to do on our farm and what better way than to just do a ton of internet searching and find stuff that I want to do". So that's what I hope to do. And then of course, when we do it, I'll share each step by step moment. Then it will be our own for other people to hopefully be inspired by. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I wonder if the magnetism from the strip transfers to the contents of the jars? As an alternative, you could nail / screw the lid to the underside of the cupboard, and then, when you need something from a particular jar, you just twist it off it's lid :)

  5. Such a clever idea!...and I love the look of it!

  6. Dani - Hmmm, good point, I never thought about that. I might have to to do some research about that. But a twist off kind of thing is a solution as well. It's like my Dad and Grandpa used to have in their workshops, baby food jars with screws and nails and stuff in them.

    Sue - That's what I like too, it's so smart and looks clean and organized. I wonder if we did something like this, if it would look as nice? LOL! You know, this could be done out in our mudroom on the new shelves too. Whatever we do, it'll happen soon!

  7. Love this idea! I like Dani's idea (above) as well! I didn't think about the transferring of the magnetism, but I was thinking about the weight of what goes in the jar vs. the strength of the magnetism...


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