Sunday, November 27, 2011


Dr. Pepper Victory Garden Picture
Every weekend that I do these, I spend some time researching historical Victory Garden information and I'm constantly surprised by what I find.  In this case, it's a picture/poster from the Dr. Pepper museum that shows how Dr. Pepper supported the war effort.

Basically it's telling Victory Gardeners to keep up their good work, and of course, cool off and stay energized by drinking a Dr. Pepper at 10-2-4 
(the old ad campaign for drinking a Dr. Pepper).

I love the "Onward Garden Soldiers" tag line at the top.  Sometimes gardening feels like being a soldier these days, ha.  Just a cool thing to see.

While we personally try not to drink too many soft drinks around here (a conscious choice about 2 years ago), I do admit to liking a Diet Dr. Pepper on occasion.  Maybe I'll have to have one or two next year when I'm working in the garden and I'll smile and think of this poster.

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Very nice. I am trying to get away from soda as well but do have one now and then.

  2. Becky - Yep, we did the same. We'll have one on occasion, but we used to just drink too much. We could go through a two liter bottle in a night! ha. Now it's just every once in awhile (at a party or at a restaurant if their tea isn't good, etc). This posted is fun. And hey, I have a reason now to have a Dr. Pepper on occasion, lol.

  3. Just found your site because I was looking for vintage Victory Garden posters to illustrate my homemade seed envelopes- your victory garden posts are a kick! I'd never seen this one from Dr. Pepper, so thanks for the share- unfortunately (or not), now I might be needing a Diet Dr. Pepper in the near future...

  4. Carolyn - Thanks for stopping by! I try to scour the net looking for them and the post them every Sunday. I'm not sure how many more I'll find to blog about, but I'll keep them going as long as possible, ha. I'll have to check out your homemade seed envelopes, sounds neat!


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