Thursday, November 24, 2011


Kind of fitting that "Inspiration Thursday" is also Thanksgiving.

I found this picture above online, and the colors just spoke "Thanksgiving" to me.  Then I added the banner at the bottom because we want to make sure we wish each of you a wonderful holiday.

This is blog day off as usual, but being a holiday weekend, it might be a few days off as well.  I'll post as I can, but it will be less than normal as we'll be doing all sorts of stuff out at the farm (hopefully anyway). 

It will be the first Thanksgiving at our farm, Seda Bolsa, since we closed on it last April.  No appliances out there yet, so no dinner there.  We're spending Thanksgiving with some very dear friends, but we'll be out at the farm doing something the rest of this long weekend.  We have a lot this year to be thankful for, not the least of which is each of you who visit us and have been coming along for the journey.  There is still so much to come as we create something out of nothing.


Enjoy your weekend with your friends and family!


Sue said...

What a stunning spot to have a picnic table.

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

Bee Girl said...

That is one gorgeous picture!

Hope you two had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Jody said...

What a beautiful picture! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

1st Man said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Sue, Bee Girl, Jody and everyone else. Thanks for commenting and thanks for coming back to the blog. It's what keeps me going! :-)